Far Cry is the most bankable and popular series from Ubisoft. It has taken gamers on a journey to fight evil across tropical Africa, cold Himalayas, and even on the streets on the US. The latest edition in this series will transport you to Yara, a fictional Caribbean island, where you would find yourself amidst extreme chaos, civil unrest, and violent protests.

We still have plenty of time before Far Cry 6 hits the market, and there are many details to uncover about this flagship series of Ubisoft. When is the launch date for Far Cry 6? What are the new characters here? How would the gameplay look like? And the anxiety keeps growing as if you were playing some big money casino games at some of the top gambling sites!

In this space, we will look at all the details you need to know before installing Far Cry 6.

Release Date & Platforms

The game is all set to release on 18 Feb 2021. Ubisoft confirmed the date at the last Forward Show, where the official trailer was also released. You can play the game on Xbox Series X, PS 5, PS 4, Stadia, Xbox One, and PC.

Plot & Setting

The game takes place in a fictional island of Yara, resembling modern-day Cuba. In this game, the villain is the president of Yara, Anton Castillo, who is seen to train and groom his son Diego to become his successor. It is a story where freedom fighters are trying to take back the island from President Anton’s dictatorial rule. You can take control of Dani’s character (playable as both female and male) who would ignite the fires of warfare across the island of Yara.

Some sources suggest that Diego resembles Vaas, the villain of Far Cry 3. Though Ubisoft has not confirmed anything on this, yet many suspect because of the scare near Diego’s eyebrows.

Actors in this Game

The primary actor in Far Cry 6 is Giancarlo Esposito, popularly known as Gus from Breaking Bad. In the game, he plays the protagonist (President Anton Castillo), and it is going to be one hell of a show. Ubisoft has confirmed that Anthony Gonzalez, known for his role in the Pixar movie Coco, would be playing Diego, son of Anton Castillo, and probably a younger version of the previous villain Vaas. The other main actors include Alex Fernandez, Shakira Barrera, Sean Rey, Manuel Rodriguez Saenz, and many more to follow.

Gameplay & Presentation

Though we do not know a lot about the gameplay yet, it can be confirmed that it will be first-person shooter gameplay, set in plenty of rural and urban settings. Far Cry 6 will surely leverage on the 4K Ultra HD graphics on Xbox and PS to render a completely immersive experience. All the battles won’t be on the ground; there would be actions on the rooftop, and a whole new perspective to skirmish.


Ubisoft is expected to come up with more details about Far Cry 6 in the upcoming months. Gamers across the world are awaiting Feb 18, 2021, and this new edition is surely going to surpass all records set by the previous editions in this series.