Deadpool 2’s newly released trailer was, in my opinion, far better than the first movie’s. We got a bit more about the plot with this trailer, which has me more interested in the film than before, though naturally the first film was a huge hit. According to the trailer, it seems that Deadpool is going up against Cable this time around, and it appears that Cable has traveled back in time to kill off a young mutant. I kind of got a “Looper” vibe from the trailer and I’m looking forward to how this will play out in the film.

Despite the appearance of Cable, we still don’t have a clear villain for this film which, I’ll admit, left me a bit disappointed. However, the cast of actors and amount of violence still made this trailer very much enjoyable. I couldn’t help to think this film is what Kick-Ass 2 should have been. A near perfect blend of humor and violence, with just the right sprinklings of heroism.

The film seems to be diving more into the X-Men universe with the inclusion of the X-Force and a few shots within the Xavier’s school. I was also pretty surprised they showed us a shot of Deadpool’s gray outfit in this trailer. To be honest, I’m still not a fan of the gray look but maybe it will grow on me in the film.

Now, the big question i will this film be as good as the first? It’s hard to say at this point but the trailer points to a great ride. Deadpool 2 drops May 18, and if you haven’t yet, you can watch the trailer just below!