Dodger’s Danger

Archie’s double life as the teenage youth role model and night streetfighter has brought on a lot of problems from Dodger because of its interference with his business. Dodger continued his retaliation in this episode by destroying his gym, but Archie refused to give up. I love that he is doing everything in his power to keep the kids off of the streets by gifting them video games and free food, but it’s endangering his life in ways that could lead to another death this season. Not only did Dodger get away with so much thus far this season, but he also revealed Archie as the masked man and shot up his house with his mother in it. I do believe that F.P is doing the best that he can to protect Archie the legal way, but it’s not enough. I was surprisingly not upset that Archie went to Hiram for support after everything that they’ve been through because of his safety and the future of the kids are important. However when they found Dodger wrapped in a rug drenched in blood after Hiram said that he couldn’t help him. I knew that when Hiram said he couldn’t help it was complete bs, he has too much power. He definitely has the power to make someone disappear.

Julian’s Hauntings

chapter sixty three cheryl and toni

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It’s sad to see Cheryl miss out on her senior year because of the pressure and stress that comes with looking after nana rose and the twins. It’s also tough for her to get any outside caregivers because she is trying to protect her secret in the chapel which could technically get her in a lot of trouble. After she summoned the spirit of Julian, he began to take over and cause more worry on the household. Even though Cheryl brought a lot of this on herself, it’s interesting to see her normalize a lot of the paranormal occurrences. Just when you thought that no more relatives of the Riverdale residents would pop up, Cheryl gets an interesting visit from hers. Apparently, they want to sell the Blossom’s maple syrup business, but Cheryl refused to do so. Her uncle then discovered Jason’s body in the chapel and threatened to get her in trouble. For this,she had to take him out. I think Cheryl just dug a grave for herself.

Veronica’s Place


Veronica and her sister

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I almost began to like the Lodge family because of Veronica’s decision to stand on her two feet alongside her mother, but that changed quickly. As seen in the previous episode, Hiram got away with his wrongdoings, but now Hiram is using his power to take back his family. He slithered his way back into Hermoine’s bed breaking the workforce her and Veronica built in his absence. Hiram plans to move forward as a family like nothing happened, but is it true? I don’t think so, some questions still need to be answered starting off with this long lost sister who clearly wants to be daddy’s new favorite.

Betty’s Theory

Betty suspected that something was off about Charles and they could be a secret serial killer. Since this suspicion has sparked, she hasn’t put anything past Charles. Charles did act as if Betty was wrong for feeling this way and even stuck his neck out so that Alice wouldn’t get in trouble for a crime that she committed last season. It showed loyalty which made Betty feel secure with him being apart of the family, but she was wrong. It turns out that Charles is actually gay and so is Cick. They are a couple! Which means Charles is a serial killer! This actually shocked me and helped me conspire that he could also be the black hood and the new form of hurt that can come to the cooper family.

Rating: 4.5/5

I loved this episode of Riverdale because of the built-up drama that is going to burst towards the end of this season. With Cheryl’s relatives now making their presence known, it’s only a matter of time before the rest find out what she did, what she’s hiding, and that means Penelope will be back. I also loved this episode because Jughead found the truth about the Baxter Brothers book series which actually began behind his grandfather’s genius. It gave Jughead something to be proud of, Everyone loves to shame him for where and who he comes from, but this one piece of evidence could bring his family honor. I didn’t like how his teacher eventually killed himself after admitting that he would help Jughead reveal the truth. Something is not right about that school and I can’t wait to find out what it is,