Lucifer is officially back now from their winter break.

“All About Her” picks up right where the mid-season finale left us. “Cain” aka Pierce and Lucy are enjoying a drink right after Lucifer stabbed him.

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Cain did leave Lucy in the desert but that was it, the Sinnerman went rogue. Cain is not working with God and had nothing to do with Lucifer’s wings or devil face.

Cain has had enough of Lucifer and walks out.

Decker yells at Maze but she’s actually mad at Lucifer for not apologizing about lying to her and kidnapping the Sinnerman.

Detective Dan and Decker are in action. A dead surfer named Manny the Moondog has been found on the beach. He was choked to death by a surf leash.

Ella seems out of character probably upset about Pierce yelling at her.

Lucifer crashes the scene. He assumes Decker forgot to call him, wrong, she did it on purpose. Lucifer wants her help investigating Pierce only he doesn’t say it’s Pierce. She won’t help him and throws him off the crime scene.

Without Decker, Lucy turns to Dr. Linda. She explains to Lucifer that Decker is mad about his selfishness. He concludes to make it all about her, Decker.

At the station, Decker has footage of Dangerous Doug threatening Manny. Doug is another surfer.

Ella is still acting strange, even Charlotte picks up on it. And I was right, it was about Pierce. Charlotte gives her a good pep talk.

Pierce is packing up his desk, he is transferring. Decker doesn’t seem to be a fan.

Amenadiel has chlamydia. HAHAHAHAHA.

It’s Detective Day, which means whatever Lucifer does today will be for Decker. At the beach while she is looking for Doug is when Lucifer drops this.


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Lucifer signed Decker up for a surf competition to get closer to Doug. Just as Decker’s cover is blown she spots blood on Doug’s board. Obviously, he runs but Lucy stops him.

Decker is on to Lucifer.

In the interrogating room Doug breaks down. He hit a seal with his surfboard. The Manny situation takes him by surprise.

Charlotte confronts Pierce about being a jerk to Ella.

Now Lucifer is looking for advice with Decker.

Maze gives Linda a knife for being understanding of her jealousy about Amenadiel. Maze spills the beans that Amenadiel’s got the clap.

The blood on Doug’s board is totally seal blood. Dan’s got the next lead though, a surf gang called the Orcas who are known to use surf leashes to threaten other surfers they don’t want on their beach. The Orcas are led by “Wild Child.”

Dan’s going undercover as a surfer. Wild Child is a woman and Dan is slack jawed.

Back at the station Lucifer is hanging around waiting for Decker. In the meantime, he decides to help her out and get some of her work done. You can imagine how that goes.  During this Lucifer finds out that Pierce is leaving.

Dan surfs. Dan gets in everyone’s way. Decker really doesn’t want Pierce to leave. Lucifer bursts into the van. Decker leaves.

Pierce isn’t leaving until Lucifer gets his answers. Using his devil powers Cain reveals that he wants to die and somehow Decker is connected. Pierce was the guy keeping files on everyone. He thought since Decker made Lucifer bleed she could kill him. He had to get Lucifer out of the way to try and that’s why he had Lucy kidnapped. Lucifer getting wings and coming back early screwed everything up. Later, when Pierce was shot at that ranch with Decker, his hypothesis was proven wrong.

Dan has pissed everyone off and now they’re after him. A punch to the face and Decker loses audio. Wild Child breaks out the surf leash. Dan drops Manny’s name and now they’re all boys and they hold a ceremony in the water. It wasn’t the Orcas somebody was using their tags.

As predicted Decker wasn’t a fan of Lucifer’s work. Lucifer smooths it all over when Decker finds out he isn’t doing this for help anymore.

Decker has a lead. Beaches in California are not private but someone has been illegally posting private signs at the beach Moondog was strangled at.

Case closed.

Linda has a talk with Amenadiel. They need to stop sneaking around. Linda wants to break it off. Amenadiel wants to stop hiding their relationship. The chlamydia test was a false positive. Linda needs to break it off for Maze. They kiss and Maze sees it.

Before leaving Pierce apologizes to Ella.

Lucifer got his wings back to stop Pierce, thus screwing them both. It’s time they get even with God. If Pierce stays Lucifer promises to kill him.

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode. I’m super happy with the Cain reveal and I’m very glad he is sticking around for now. Maze is going to kill Amenadiel.

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