Source: FXX

All of the joys of a period piece are in abundance with “A Warrior in Costume”, episode 4 of Archer: Danger Island. We start with flashbacks to the Spanish Civil War, identifying Archer’s nemesis and the reason for his missing eye. In short order, said nemesis and a small squadron of Nazi pilots have invaded the island. The dialogue is snappy as always, albeit strangely focused on breakfast, and again taps on the fourth wall with some self-aware usage of period slang.

Adam Reed’s storyline is clearly setting up a race to the island’s mystical idol down the line, but this episode sees every character getting some solid development in the meantime. Cheryl Tunt (Judy Greer) has some especially great zingers, as well as an inventive use for coconut butter. While the supporting cast all gets in their licks, it’s a drunken plot from the self-involved Archer fans know and loves that pushes the story forward and leaves a few fighter planes destroyed.

Next episode promises more historical call-backs, a pack of hungry sharks, cannibals (maybe?) and more. While fans of the “real world” Archer runs are likely still far from won over by this period take on the series, it’s hitting most of the right notes for history geeks (Bonus: there’s also a great Star Wars reference slid in there for those paying attention). This makes for dialogue that feels a bit more grounded as well as some jokes that pack a lot of punch. It’s not as over-the-top as the first few seasons of Archer, but it’s still damn fun.



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