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We open to Mr. Iglesias (Gabe) talking to his class. He is of course hysterical and the students seem to love him. He engages his students with humorous education. They are on the verge of summer break and there is only one student who answers his questions, Marisol.

Mr Iglesias Season 1

The principal comes into the class wanting to be cool and failing miserably. She asks the class to tell her one thing they learned this year. Grace ends up embarrassing Principal Madison. After class Gabe is in the break room with his buddy Tony and the new teacher Abigail sharing about the summer. When they go to the principal’s office (no they aren’t in trouble), they are told to come up with a mission statement for teaching honors students. Abigail thinks she will win. Gabe thinks he is a shoo-in.

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Mr. Hernandez, who was in the office when the other 3 arrived, handed out expulsion letters. A number of Gabe’s students got this letter. Gabe isn’t happy. Mr. Hernandez is absolutely giddy about “getting rid” of the students that are hurting the average and may cost them some funding. These students were “counseled out” because of grades, attendance, or disciplinary problems. When Gabe talks to Mr. Hayward he gets some peace of mind. He comes up with a plan to help the kids. He pulls Grace into it. She also got a letter because she hacks into stuff.

What is the plan? Did it work? What does it mean for summer break? Have you watched this show? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…