Liz thinks she has everything figured out. And that has lead her to the conclusion that Max is a murderer and he killed her sister. She handles this horribly I think and it will come back to bite her. She has decided to take the scientific route to determine how Max is made up, so that she can ultimately create something to destroy them. How she does that is by using Max’s feelings for her against him. He thinks she is sincere but all she is trying to do is find out who killed her sister and she is so for sure that it is Max.

She goads him and pushes him to the point that he accidentally harms her and then she gets scared of him. She brought it upon herself and then she blames him for how she feels afterwards. And now Isabel and Michael know what Liz is up to and they don’t like it. So, they came up with the plan to send her back out of town once again before she creates something dangerous to them. But Michael thinks that she has ulterior motives.

But Liz is a terrier and wants to know what really happened to Rosa and why she ended up with an alien handprint on her. She enlists Maria’s help, since they were best friends, and they go on a little Rosa scavenger hunt and begin to dig into her past. And they think they have stumbled onto a clue. That Rosa had a love interest. But who? Maria doesn’t know and Rosa never mentioned anything so they have to continue looking for clues.

Meanwhile, in Roswell it is movie night at the drive in and everyone is gearing up for that. This is also where Isabel decides to run Liz out of town once again. And she is for sure that it will work again. Liz and Maria end up at the drive in because Rosa has a hiding place there, but Liz is jealous because we know that she really likes Max a lot. But she thinks he murdered her sister and that is keeping her from revealing her true feelings.

Isabel gets inside Liz’s head but things don’t exactly go as planned and she ends up getting flashes of Rosa and she feels Liz’s true feelings for Max. And that kept her from being able to run Liz out of town. This time Liz has really strong feelings for Max and they won’t be denied. But Liz is hellbent on pinning Rosa’s murder on Max. Maria and Liz end up on the roof of the Crashdown. Liz confesses that she ran away from her life and fiancé’ because she didn’t care about him and they end up talking about Rosa. Then Liz finds another clue, a love letter hidden in one of Rosa’s spots. But who is it from?

Jumping to conclusions, Liz hotheadedly accuses Max of sleeping with her sister. The letter is from Max. But it seems to me that Liz is just looking for any reason to blame Max for everything. But of course, it wasn’t a letter to Rosa, instead, it was a letter Max wrote to Liz. And then she finally tells him what she is really thinking. That Max murdered Rosa. And you can tell he is heartbroken that the woman he loves thinks he’s a killer. And Max decides to come clean, a little. But it is not the answer that Liz wants. And she still manages to blame him even though he told her he didn’t do it. She wants to think the worst of him. And even after all that, him telling her he loves her and that he would never hurt her like that, she can’t trust him.

Kyle makes a deal with the devil, Alex’s dad. But will he regret it, it’s looking like it is and Max has shut the whole town down by expelling some of his power in a fit of rage. Which leads to more questions and what will Liz do now?