Welcome to August! We’re really getting into the Summer months now!

But we have some fire, hot work year round here for our furry pics. Get it? Because the pics are so good and…yeah I’ll just stop and roll us into this week’s top seven, starting with…

7. IT Returns!

Wow, this one takes me back, in a very roundabout way. The very first installment of this actually featured art by IT, so it’s kinda trippy to see art of their sona actually make it onto a weekly list. As for what IT is, they’re some kind of “Red Panda Monster” judging by their Twitter bio.

I love this creature design though, and the way Milo has the pose, the colors, and everything set up. That stomach mouth is a nice addition and adds to the creepy otherworldly nature of IT.

6. The Name of God

Occult-inspired art always gets my attention, so when I saw Fauxlacine threw this up I had to check it out. After doing some digging, it turns out the quote comes from….a Tumblr post whre someone’s talking to a talking mushroom. Inspiration comes from all over it seems!

I love all of the kinds of fungus in the picture, though. Fauxlacine really incorporated all kinds of mushrooms of different shapes and sizes, and I’m certain there’s more occult symbolism that I haven’t caught onto. I mean, aside from the obvious such as the pentagram, goat, and candle.

5. The Queen is Back

Okay, this is really cool looking. I always like it when there’s eye candy like sources of glow, but Natalie’s piece also has a pretty sinister looking character (with glowing eyes!) that spouts a pretty nice gold and blue outfit. It works great as a piece that gets you asking questions – who is this person? Why are they the queen, and of what? Why is this pool of water glowing?

The shading work on the piece is a nice touch too. And adding eyes and gems that glow in the dark add to that dark, otherworldly, sinister look.

4. A Rainy View

There’s something I like about a rainy night. Mix in a dark city view, and you’ve got a potentially interesting piece. Something that’s worth pointing out is Zephra doesn’t have a lot of glow or flash to the city. True, it looks like it’s not fully in the dark hours, but I think it’s still something that adds to the implied mood. A bright, glowing city would take away from the contemplative mood.

There are a lot of nice little details to catch in the piece too. You have the reflection in the window, and small little raindrops are rolling down all over it. It looks like it’s twilight outside, so you have a dark gradient into light, wiht that being well-reflected on the different buildings, which are easy to take a look at and well, get contemplative with their design.

August has some pretty intriguing pieces on this first post, but before we drip into the top three, let’s check out some honorable mentions.

r/furry - Kiro vs The Dragon Boss >:D
This looks like a boss fight is about to go down. Art by Kiro
2021 Virgo Dragon
Any Virgos in the audience? Art by Sixth Leaf Clover
r/furry - Give It Back! by MrJimmyDaFloof
Kigu thief on the lose! Art by MrJimmyDaFloof
queen chrysalis
I think this is the first MLP picture on here? Art by Cyber-Rat
to arms
I believe this is also the first taur we’ve seen here. Art by Praexon
Mr. Mime the Evil Clown Art Print image 0
Even in the Pokemon world, don’t take balloons from clowns. Art by Danielle Powers
r/furry - I draw medieval lizards and as my first post on reddit I shall post one
Medieval art and lizard anthros just makes sense. Art by u/hulie_de_Plive

Those were some pretty neat drawings. I especially liked the Pennywise Mr. Mime – I found that one by chance on Facebook!

But now it’s time to move onto the top three, starting with:

3. A Trip to Thailand!

Who doesn’t love a good roadtrip? Apparently this lively group of colorful fellows are all ready for a trip out down to Thailand. I’d ask to join but…it doesn’t look like there’s room in this car!

This is one of those really fun pictures that just bursts with color, energy, and excitement. It’s also one of those “something going on in every corner” drawing. We’ve got an in-the-zone driver, a cameraman that’s fallen down, someone tumbling out of the car with their sunglasses coming off, and folks barely holding on and enjoying the ride.

There’s so much fun packed into this pic that it’s hard not to put it in the top three!

2. The Captain-Pilot

“Every flying Ship needs a captain! or is it a pilot……does that make me both? is that the same thing?”

Artist Kally gives us this avian fellow that seems to be a part time captain, part time pilot. Hm, he must not have a lot of hands on his ship if he needs to be both navigator and captain!

What I particularly like is the overall design of the character. There’s something about the jacket that gives me that 1940’s esque pulp hero vibe. I get the impression it’s supposed to be more or less fantasy given the flintlock looking pistol so…why not both? Could be an alternate history! But he seems like a delighful fellow. Don’t get so lost in those avian eyes that you miss out on some good skill: look at his waste, and notice how it’s a little blurred? Really helps bring the upper body into sharp foucs!

1. A Draco Warrior

I seriously thought this was a model at first. I thought that this was a picture of either a 3D model, or a miniature, or possibly even a well-done cosplay! But nope ,Decyl painted this Draco Warrior using acrylic paint on canvas. So that means this isn’t just a digital drawing – it’s a hand painted piece, and done with an exceptional amount of skill. How exceptional? I had to use bold instead of italics. Yeah, it’s that good.

Even if it was digital, there are just so much done here that makes it an awe-inspiring piece. A nice use of color, shade, detail, and more. I mean, Decyl even did the rivets and folds on the plates and armor, and you can see the division between dragon scales.

What else can I say except, wow! This is masterfully done piece, and a big congratulation to Decyl, you are this week’s top pick! Congratulations and well done!

And that brings the first week of August to a close – and what a week it was! We had terrifying Red Panda Monsters, mushroom-tripping occultism, a colorful car trip, and a great draco painting that, well, trips me out with how well it was done!

A big shout out to all the artists on and off this list! I love seeing all the furry art as I browse and look for what to feature. And as a reminder – even if your piece doesn’t make it anywhere on these lists, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. I just have my own preferences as to what I like, and this series is meant more as a “hey I think these are cool” and not so much “art nerd gives his educated opinion on things.”

Well, that brings us to a close this week. Let’s see what August’s next week can, ahem, trip me out with!