Welcome back to another week of spooky, haunting furry art! The moon rises and we get ever so closer to the mother of all spooky days, Halloween! Let’s say we start off the latter half of October and see what’s up for this week’s list:

7. Pumpkin Ghosts

First up on this week’s list is a pretty cute little piece by Aureyla-Art. Although now that I look at it, wouldn’t sitting on a bed of pumpkins kinda be uncomfortable? I guess if they all have cute expressions it’s fine. We’ve also got some ghosts abound in the piece as well, adding to the classic Halloween vibe. Top it off with a witch cat, and you’ve got a nice opening piece.

6. Target in Sight

Lushminda comes into sight for this week’s #6 piece, bringing us another well-drawn gal in a nice finger gun pose. The reds and oranges are really nice, bringing a bit of heat and intensity to the piece along with the red-orange streams running throughout. In addition, that dragon tattoo is downright wicked-looking.

5. Companions

Now that I think about it, axotoltols are hardly seen in the fandom – that’s those cute little pink creatures next to the draconic fellow. It’s a very nice piece, and it looks like it’s got quite a bit of symbolism going on. I also wonder what the characters on the axotoltols’ foreheads mean? Perhaps something that goes together?

4. Lackadaisy Violin

Up next on the #4 spot is another reminder that I really need to look into Lackadaisy. Their official Twitter account threw up this gorgeous piece the other day. It’s also got a bit of mischievous magic going on – at least, that’s my take on things. Maybe I’ve read way too much Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and now whenever I see a cat wtih a huge grin I think of the Cheshire Cat.

3. Halloween Cocktail

The thing about bars is you never know who you’ll run into – or what kind of wicked drinks you’ll find. Stas Mihailov entertained this idea with a spooky YCH drawing of someone else’s character. it’s a very well-done piece, and I love all of the little details here and there. And the vixen looks equal parts scary and equal parts enchanting. Having her eyes be blue and green, and having her cocktail also have blue and green, makes for a nice touch too.

2. Wickian Showdown

And now we go from Halloween to full-on action! Rait Furry banged out this awesome piece inspired by the John Wick series, showing three anthro characters engaged in an all-out battle. It hits a lot of great notes: A highly realistic background, some great action poses, and a general feel of intense battle. Seriously, this almost feels like a freeze-frame from the middle of an action movie!

1. Ghastly Trio

However, you can’t keep the spooky down for too long, as evidenced by Dave Rapoza who takes the #1 spot this week! Pokemon are always a fun thing to see, and this piece is no exception. It’s like two parts Dungeons and Dragons and two parts spooky. But what can you expect when you get the ghost trio of Haunter, Gengar, and Ghastly in the same picture? Is there a psychic Pokemon handy? That might at least take care of that Gengar – I bet they’re the ring leader!

Congratulations and well-done Dave Rapoza, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings another week of furry art to a close. We’re getting closer and closer to Halloween, and as you can see, the art is getting spookier. Well, cuter too. So a sort of spooky cute I suppose?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll see you all next week!