Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the dark side of Christmas to share with you all this week.

However! That doesn’t mean we can’t keep giving the gift of a cool list of art.

7. Harvest

Starting off this week’s list is an adorable collaboration by Cioky and Komelikus. There’s no other way to put it – this picture is pretty adorable. Okay, the tail mouth can be somewhat creepy, but overall there’s something really cute about this little fellow’s bid to get some juicy red apples. Maybe it’s the face or all of the fluff that the character has. Either way, it’s a simple, but cute, piece.

6. Bad Ass Coming Through

Lazy Creations just might be trying to unintentionally set a record here for most times appearing on this series in a row. We’re on, what, week three I believe? But with great use of color and some dynamic setups, it’s almost hard to not stop and check out a Lazy piece when it comes on my timeline. We’ve got a canine out on patrol here, and if the glowing wings and X-halo are any indications, she’s got some sort of power to draw on as well. It’s very bright and striking against the darker colors and adds some neat glow. Having the camera looking up is a nice touch too, adding to the dynamic mood.

5. Convoke the Spirits

Speaking of magical powers, check out this spiritual piece by Lupafemina. It’s a beautiful picture, with a druidic Worgen and a couple of cool-looking spirits. And blue, lots and lots of blue. But it’s those heavy blues that help give this piece its spiritual feeling, with a calm blue glow that seems to affect every portion of this piece. It’s a nice, serene picture.

4. Batter Up

Real quick, I just need to say that “Smashega” is an awesome sounding name. Just say it out loud: Smashega.

Alright, back to the art. Looks like we’ve gone from just one heavy color to a trio of heavy colors, with some magenta, dark blues, and turquoise coming up to bat in this piece. I like how the different colored lights on the character too, gives it a very neon, lively feel. His pose also helps, with a classic hand-in pocket, arched up back, bared fangs, bat-on-the-shoulder look. It’s one thing to have some cool neon colors, but it’s made all the more awesome with a badass-looking character.

3. Catching the Sight

Striding into the #3 spot is this back body shot by Takiroku of their character Cuss. There are a lot of cool things going on in this piece. For example, the pose is very nice and expressive, with that backward glance adding some real personality to the character. Cuss’ muscles are also rendered in great detail, and doing it at an angle must’ve been difficult to pull off. Finally, the use of heavy lights, and related effects like blurred light around parts of the character, adds to the beauty of the piece.

2. Training Grounds

And now we go from heavy cool colors to some nice, bright, and warm colors courtesy of Moonlabel. And…is that a cow character? That’s pretty neat – we don’t get to see those pretty often in the fandom! Her armor looks pretty nice too, and the bits of sunlight on her help the armor shine, giving her the appearance of a great hero. Well, that and the translucent angel-like wings. That’ll make anyone look like a hero, especially with a determined face like hers. Better watch it, evil doers!

And the #1 piece for this week is:

1. Golden Goddess

Talk about a golden piece! Gato de Sobrancelhas takes the #1 spot this week with this eerie-yet-awesome (I think it’s the eyes honestly) piece of GoatDevilWhite’s character Devonshire. For some reason, this is giving me Devil tarot card vibes, but that could be from the dark eyes and all of the gold chords being held. They almost look like some sort of puppet string. She certainly looks like a femme fatalle, but with a name like “Golden Goddess” perhaps she shouln’t be messed with. Also, I really like that little plushie sitting on her lap; it’s supposed to represent GoadDevilWhite’s actual boyfriend. A nice little touch that add some personality. It also goes really good with the gold and purple corset, too.

Congratulations and well-done Gato De Sobrancelhas, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

While I did see some jingling jangling Christmas-themed pieces, unfortunately, none of them made it onto the list this week. But we’ve still got some time left in December! And hey, if we can find Krampus done up as a centaur, I think anything can happen!

Stay warm, stay safe, and as always, let me know what you thought of this week’s picks, and I’ll see you all next week!