Episode Synopsis:

Pranksters wreak havoc on Halloween. Luschek earns points with the other guards. As Linda faces a crisis, Donuts and Pennsatucky have a change of plans.


Yet again, I wasn’t really impressed with this episode. There was a lot of jumping around to different storylines and there really wasn’t a main focus to this episode.

Fantasy Inmate- So fantasy inmate finally commenced in this episode, and I feel bad for the inmates. They have no idea what is going on, and they’re being tortured more than they usually are. It looks like Piper might have the right idea about what’s going on, but hopefully the inmates find out what the guards are doing. I especially couldn’t believe McCollough in this episode. She’s usually pretty timid, but she went way too far with Maria. I was shocked when she slapped her across the face.

Missing inmate- The stress definitely intensified between Coates and Tiffany, because now, Tiffany’s face is all over the news. It’s interesting seeing that Tiffany can be so rational about her situation and she’s realizing that she should do the right thing, and finish out her sentence. It was kind of sad, that she left Coates behind, but I’m proud of her. She turned herself in, and now when she’s finished out her sentence, she can leave stress free. And on a side note, I really think Tiffany is one of the characters that has changed drastically from the first season. She’s calmed down immensely and has become a better person.

Nicky & Lorna- It was great seeing Nicky and Lorna reunite, but their storyline was strange. Lorna is now fascinated with rats and Nicky was just there, taking it all in.

Maria- Maria is really struggling this season, and I’m actually happy to see that. She’s done so much harm to people in Litchfield, and I think a little payback is what she needs to get her back on track. She’s always been the leader, and now people are staying far away from her. They don’t trust her and even Gloria and Flores are taking a step back. I don’t blame them, but it’s interesting that they think she’s still up to something.

Caputo- I feel bad for Caputo. He can never catch a break. He tried to make things right for Taystee, but of course, things backfired, because Linda hates him and of course she’s not willing to help an inmate, now that she is a higher up at MCC. And he has Taystee, herself, bothering him 24/7 about her sentence. I totally get it, but Caputo makes some good points. He’s not in charge anymore, so it’s going to be difficult for him to pull strings in order to help her. And the poor guy is basically being forced to move to Missouri now. It’s just sad, because he’s always trying to be the good guy, but he gets nothing in return.

Red & Taystee- I had to mention this scene, because it intrigued me. We have two inmates, who were leaders during the riot and it was interesting to see them talk about what is going on in the interrogations. Both are being accused of being involved in Piscatella’s death and Red thinks that they got snitched on. We already know that Taystee is in trouble, in terms of her sentence, but we’ll see what happens to Red.