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We open to Harry hearing strange noises outside the attic. When the door opens, it’s Dark Harry. Dark Harry wants Light Harry to meet him in one hour. Next Light Harry wakes up and has green in his veins. Maggie wakes to have had a dream or vision or premonition about Dark Harry.

Macy is digging up the roots of the tree in the command center. She is looking for the black amber that should restore her witch powers. Mel is still in bed with Ruby. Harry decides to go to the meeting alone. He doesn’t want to risk the sisters being hurt or worse by Dark Harry. He begs them to find a way to get their powers back. The girls worry for him but respect his wishes. Light Harry goes to Abigael to ask her to kill him if it goes sideways with Dark Harry. After getting pissy, she names her terms for doing so. The sisters break the command center and are now locked in it.

Light Harry and Abigael make it to the island. They find some kind of funky magic going on and blood. They also find a magic detector. It goes nuts when pointed in a particular direction. They decide to follow it. Back at the command center, the three sisters touch the Book of Elders all at the same time. The book suddenly grows pages and they make contact with a magical construct. The Guardian. They get a certain amount of questions and they are almost out of questions. They learn that they are not the first Charmed Ones. Light Harry and Abigael find a child.

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Light Harry heals the child and starts asking questions. Abigael helps by playing bad cop but it does the trick. The little girl is a witch. She takes Light Harry to the place where they tried to take her. They find the same tattoo like the other men. Next black vehicles are barreling towards them. Light Harry gets them out of there. The ladies, however, are in a bit of a pickle. They exceeded the number of questions and are now trapped not only in a force field but lasers too.

The sisters figure out what the unspoken is and spring themselves from the trap. They are granted access to a room. It holds both black amber and the poison Dark Harry used on them. When Macy goes to drink from the cup she stops because of the disembodied voice. When she shows herself, they know she’s one of the past Charmed Ones. The girl that Harry and Abigael found runs off. Harry must go after her.

Harry convinces the girl to leave her father behind for the moment. He tells her they will come back for him. As they are going to meet up with Abigael, Abigael throws a BBQ with the guys that pulled up with Macy’s stolen demon power. I think she was trying to find a reason to use it. The sister learns more about what it is to be the Charmed Ones. They must decide if they want to stay on that path.

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What are Abigael’s terms? What do the girls decide? Watch the episode on the CW website. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Til next week…