Oh. My. God.

Shit got real!

Steven Universe is blowing my mind, and the plot is moving so fast, and I can’t handle it?

Also, White Diamond. Not a name drop, not just a hand shooting powers towards the Earth, but White Diamond in person.

I’m getting ahead of myself though.

“Legs” officially premiered at San Diego Comic Con, and fans were able to witness the episode during the panel. It was incredibly hard to track down to and waiting for it to hit online legally was taxing.

The episode opens with Blue and Yellow leaning in to talk to Steven, aka “Pink”. He’s relieved the fighting has ceased so he can explain everything. Now, the Diamonds know that Pink didn’t perish, she simply disguised herself as Rose to fight against Homeworld.

Yellow is annoyed that

“Blue, could you please stop crying? I can’t see.” *flicks tears towards the Crystal Gems standing nearby*


giphy – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Yellow is SUCH a diva, and I love it.

Steven and the Crystal Gems bring Yellow and Blue to witness corruption in person, explaining that their attack didn’t shatter gems, but corrupted their forms. At long last, we witness Centipeedle in her true form. Hessonite was her leader.

Steven is exacerbated by the fact that the corruption can’t be completely cured without White Diamond’s help. Everyone else is weary of bringing White into the fold. It seems her powers and prescence are intimidating to everyone, including Blue and Yellow.

Steven’s obliviousness in the desert to the fact that the two “Pink Pyramids” were actually Pink’s ship is relatable. And the touching goodbyes everyone exchanges are sweet, especially Pearl promising the Mahaswaren’s that there’s at atmosphere and that she knows the area.


geekgirles – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Plus Garnet asking Greg to “water this for me while I’m gone” is so precious. But her pause when Greg asks about the mission worries me.

She says, “Steven….will be fine.” Does that mean that White Diamond could shatter and/or incapacite the group during their trip. I’m so scared.

Bismuth stays behind to watch over Peridot and Lapis and the group leaves in Pink’s ship. Steven adorably starts it up by trotting fast and the ship takes off towards Homeworld. Yellow insists on doing the talking once they get there.

Upon their arrival though, it was so cool to witness gems raising arms at Pink’s arrival, with their colors shaped like the Diamond insignia. It’s apparent that Pink’s arrival was so anticipated that White’s Pearl appears, whisking Steven away onto White’s ship, which has been seen so many times during the arc with the Trial.

But let’s not forget what white pearl looks like, one eye shattered, and voicing her thoughts so flatly. Perhaps White possesses mind-control powers?


bluebirds – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

It was daunting when Steven is placed at White’s feet, glistening with actual White Diamonds. Her passive-aggressive speech chilled me to the bone. Before Steven could reply to anything, he’s sent off to Pink’s domain, likely overwhelmed and tired.

When can I see more? September seems to be the most likely time more episodes will air, but the next month is going to be so difficult to get through without answers. Still, Steven Universe is worth the wait.