It’s coming up fast on another con season at home. Hope you have some comfy clothes and fast internet to catch up on all the panels, all the news, and exclusives that are going to be flying all over the place next week.

One thing that I’m anxiously waiting for is the announcement of when the season finale is going to air. Which is going to be announced soon, I will have to re-watch some episodes before that last one is airing to get familiar with it again.

We will also get panels of course, which will bring with it new information and rumors for the next season of The Walking Dead, we are likely to get an update for Fear the Walking Dead, along with what the new plan is for The Walking Dead The World Beyond. The World Beyond was originally scheduled but obviously has been postponed with no announced date in place.

Lots of rumors have been flying out, some are saying that Negan is going to be leaving, that Maggie might take him out, we’ve had rumblings that Rosita might not last very long. Take, Fear the Walking Dead, we hear all sorts of things, like Morgan is dead to Madison is making her return to the show.

The item that is going to make everyone pay attention is the very elusive Red Foil Negan Lives Comic Book. This comic only has 500 issues made, and they were given to employees, but they don’t have 500 employees so the rest are going to be hitting somewhere soon. My guess is during some panels, giveaways, or the like will be announced. This goes along with the standard, silver, and gold foils, that were only available at comic stores. Some of these hit eBay on Friday for crazy prices.