For the record, I thought it was very tasteless that they had Buck rescuing Abbey and her fiance after she dumped him like a hot potato. Just my opinion it was messed up and now he has to rescue her and ensure her happiness and she had the audacity to ask when she couldn’t even communicate with him. And we all know that Buck has been low-key waiting for Abbey since she left. That was low class.

But that is not even how we begin. The accident is in the future, for now, we live the lives of our characters up until the moment of the accident. So, Hen is studying for her MCATS and she is upset because she wants to get a certain score. The team tries to boost her confidence and she gets a text while they’re talking. And it seems like Athena is not too happy about Bobby and Michael’s little demolition job. She is upset because this interferes with May’s graduation party. Micheal promises to fix it asap. They train in now getting ready to crash. A man argues with his landlord about rent and he asks him for more time. As they are talking the train crashes through the trailer and the landlord is done and the man’s son Milo is somewhere in the wreckage. I honestly thought to myself that’s what he gets. Well, he was not nice at all and cocky and condescending. He didn’t have to do all that.

A victim’s advocate was sent to Athena, who seems to have misunderstood who that person was sent for. She clearly doesn’t feel like she is a victim and chooses to focus on the women who were raped by the suspect she took down. Then the show finally comes full circle and we are now with the 118 and they begin to try to sort out this mess and rescue those that are injured. Buck and Abbey finally meet face to face and Buck immediately attempt to get her some help but she screams that she is trying to find her fiance and Buck is taken aback, shocked, hurt, devasted, betrayed, mad, jealous, confused, and broken-hearted. But he still manages to promise that he will return her love to her. And the rescue continues with all sorts of obstacles and immediate threats of danger and death.

After arguments and disagreements and having to choose between one life or another they manage to rescue Abbey’s fiance. Who seem to recognize Buck, the man who is in love with the women he’s going to marry. I don’t even understand how that works but ok. Even Hen receives more confirmation that she wants to become a doctor and that she will be good at it. Athena is having second thoughts about being a police officer and Josh is confronting his attacker. Everyone is getting closure or reaching towards it.

Michael learns his tumor has shrunk and meets Mr. Handsome in the elevator once again. He also shares the information with Athena and the plan to share the news with their family. Then the day we have all been waiting for, not really. Abbey and Buck sit down and finally hash out their relationship. She gives him an insincere apology because I mean how do you thank someone you’ve been shitty too? And he gives it to her, although it changes nothing. Remember, he was living in her apartment. Lame excuse as to why she didn’t come back, it just didn’t justify what she did. And not she is engaged. She should have just broken it off clean but she didn’t for another excuse. Frankly, they could have cut this scene, because as we know she left the show after season one to pursue other things. So I am shocked that she even came back. But they could have left her floating in Ireland. Buck seems to always get the shit end of the stick on this show. Granted a lot of it is his own creation but even when he tries to do right it ends up blowing up in his face.

Congratulations May, she has just graduated from high school and headed to college. Wonder if she will return to the show in the fall. This is the season finale by the way. Everyone continues to move on and embrace life. Michael is on a date with Mr. Handsome, Hen got the desired score she wanted to take her test, and Buck comes to terms with his relationship. Maddie’s symptoms catch up to her and she and Chim are pregnant. That explains the yawn in Josh’s face. So, everyone is happy and Buck is still single. And we never did find out why Michael broke up with his season one boyfriend. Meh, until the fall!!!