There was a new promo picture from the fifth season of The Mindy Project in TVLine’s Fall Preview Spoiler Spectacular, and a mini interview with Matt Warburton

I would geek out over this picture but IT DOESN’T CLARIFY ANYTHING! Mindy & Morgan are always in the conference room! I don’t know if Mindy saw the wedding invite, I don’t know if she ran after Danny, I don’t know if she pulled out her checkbook to buy the apartment & literally kick Jody out, etc. All I know is she’s wearing amazing earrings in this scene that I’d like to own,

Next, let’s get some casting news out of the way, THR reported earlier this week that Jack Davenport will be guest starring on the show. Davenport plays an actor from the West End who is in New York for a one man show & who takes an interest in Mindy (OH HELLO DEREK WILLS FROM SMASH). Were unsure wether Mindy will fall in love with Leland Breakfast (wow that name) but Matt previously told THR that Mindy is in a place of uncertainty & self doubt, so maybe dating Leland helps her realize she doesn’t have to settle for any garbage man who likes her cough Jody.
looks at picture Oh Jack kinda looks good though, maybe I don’t hate this? Eh who knows – gimme endgame Bryan Greenberg & I’ll sit through it all.


Source: Mindy Kaling

Now let’s see if Warby said anything new & spoilery:

  1. He won’t say if Mindy picks Jody or Danny but he says long-time fans will be satisfied
    *****cough cough idk Matty we’ve been burned before*****
  2. Both men will appear throughout the season
  3. Mindy will make her decision soon after the premiere, and it will launch the show forward towards stories they’re all excited about.
    *****Am I alone in being sick of this who will she choose nonsense? can she choose herself and buy the apartment & end this weirdness*****
  4. New developments include Nasim Pedrad as Leo’s pediatrician & Bryan Greenberg as a nurse who has an adversarial relationship with Mindy
    *****but I hope Mindy ends up with him because heart eyes*****
  5. Rebecca Rittenhouse is set to play an “insanely put-together […] woman who is physically everything Mindy pretends she is for her confidence level.” who does not get along with Mindy at all
    *****but hopefully they become friends soon because female frienship is important and catfights are stupid*****
  6. There’s a “really fun episode” with Mindy’s mom & brother in her childhood home
    *****YAS QUEEN SONU*****

Instead of letting you make up your own minds about Matt’s revelations, I added my commentary in *****italics***** you’re welcome.

You can order the fourth season of TMP here. The fifth season premieres October 4th on Hulu.