As consumers, we’re kind of spoiled right now. There is so much content out there in terms of shows that it would require a full-time job to get through it all. That’s not a bad problem to have. Streaming has changed the way we view television and Netflix, as its pioneer, remains at the forefront of our viewing habits. It was only a matter of time before competitors wanted a slice of the pie. Amazon Prime is the de facto number 2 in my opinion and until Disney+ gets more original programming it will remain third off the strength of its catalog alone.

This brings us to Apple TV+ which came out in November 2019 and by all accounts is off to a slow start. This isn’t surprising as all three of the above mentioned services got off to their own ‘rough’ starts (Netlfix had the benefit of viral hits like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black). Apple doesn’t quite have a bona fide hit yet and its library is very small. One might rightfully ask then what’s the point of getting it?

The answer is that while the library is bare, it’s starting to grow and the quality of what’s already there is actually pretty decent. Also, the brand is attracting big names like Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio for their next big project which is a pretty big deal. The service is also free for a year if you purchase a new apple product so then the question becomes why not?

And that’s where we come in to point you to the best that’s on offer.

The Morning Show



The flagship of Apple TV+, TMS has prestige television written all over it. Its got the big names: Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carrell, and Reese Witherspoon who all turn in a great performance. Aniston in particular shines in her role and could be the spark she needs to break out of her usual rom-com roles. The show itself is pretty compelling about the aftermath of a lead anchor morning show host getting fired for sexual misconduct. The B plot rivalry between Aniston and Witherspoon is also pretty fun to watch. While TMS is a drama its also very over the top and as a result kind of funny which can sometimes be a little jarring but that just makes it all the more watchable.




If you’re looking for something on the creepier side than Servant is your show. Grieving the death of her infant son Lauren Ambrose is given a life-like doll to help her cope with the loss. They hire a suspicious nanny and it’s not long before the supernatural starts kicking in. It’s a really good psychological horror that builds up a heavy atmosphere and with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. M. Night Shamaylan executive produces the project and its a solid offering from the once master of suspense.

For All Mankind

for all mankind


What if Russia beat the United States to the moon in 1969? And furthermore, what would happen if as a result of that America invested rapidly and heavily into space exploration. This is exactly what happens in For All Mankind, an alternative history drama that plays out like NASA fan fiction. The visuals and wonder of space exploration are beautifully done but the show is a little slow out of the gate. The second half is where it really picks up and leaves a lot to be desired for season 2.

Defending Jacob

defending jacob


Chris Evans stars in this recent offering as an assistant D.A.  who finds out that the murder case he’s investigating leads to his son being the prime suspect. As much as this is a murder mystery/procedural its also a drama about a family falling apart and suddenly becoming pariah’s in their community. The acting is superb and you can really feel the strain all of this is having on the family. The show deftly deals with themes such as fear, loyalty, and love in a way that isn’t exactly fresh but handled with care. You trust the show to deliver and it does.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

mythic quest


A show about video games? Given the poor track record of adapting video games to movies/TV, a show about the making of a video game is just what the doctor ordered. This comedy from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia alums takes you behind the scenes of a studio developing an expansion to their World of Warcraft style game. It’s very much office humor which helps it connect to the lay viewer but there are a lot of video game references for those that pay attention. It’s refreshing and sure to give you lots of laughs!

A few notable mentions include: See, Dickinson, Little America and Truth Be Told . For an early review of Dickinson check it out here.

So do you have Apple TV+? What’s your favorite show on the platform, let us know down in the comments!