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What a finale! I kept thinking as everything ended so nicely that this couldn’t possibly be it…there has to be some sort of twist…and boy was there!

Let’s take it from the beginning.

Jake, Rosa, Scully, and Hitchcock quickly headed to the hospital where Bob Andersonnn (with 3 n’s!) had suffocated that-other-rat-in-the-FBI-whose-name-I-don’t-care-to-remember and taken Holt hostage up to the roof! Jake and the gang (including Terry and Gina!) found them rather quickly and rushed to try to get them out of the hospital and back to Rosa’s apartment. The only problem is that Figgis’ men caught on rather quickly and flooded into the hospital; the hospital security also got nervous and tried to keep people from leaving. You know, because of the bomb on the butt. Grey’s Anatomy.

Meanwhile, Boyle and Amy are headed back to New York to help, and Amy is a nervous wreck. She’s not ready to say goodbye to Captain Holt yet–she has so much more to learn! And she hasn’t even told Jake that she loves him SO MUCH. SO MUCH! Boyle senses her anxiety and tries to calm her down with the modern romcom classic, 27 dresses. But she doesn’t even pay attention. Boyle was, understandably, distressed, if a Katherine Heigl romcom can’t get you out of your funk, what can? Oh right, deep conversations about our feelings with ice cream and blankets! Anyone would be SO lucky to have a friend like Boyle, am I right??

Back in New York, the gang and Bob are in Rosa’s apartment and trying to get information out of him. He won’t budge–not for Jake’s terrible scatting, Terry’s hypothetical parent story, or even Gina going on about her cousin with Lyme’s disease. This man is impenetrable! Until, someone points a sniper at him–it’s Figgis! He’s ready to talk now! Bob spills the location of his file on Figgis to Jake who goes and retrieves it while the rest of them hide in Rosa’s panic room. He gets back fairly quickly and reveals it was all a set up to get Bob to talk. Amy and Charles were even able to join in! These are some clever cops!

The episode ends with the 99 at a bar celebrating their victory over Figgis and Amy asking Jake if they want to move in together.

The End! Happily ever after!

Jk, Jake got a creepy call from Jimmy Figgis who threatened to kill both him and Holt. Flash forward one month to Grey and Larry (Jake and Holt) in witness protection in Florida. While I’m eager for those two to get back to the 99, I do hope we get to see some of them hanging out in Florida–that will be a hoot.

That’s a wrap, folks! It’s going to be a long summer!


Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds