Photo Source: Nickelodeon

My brothers and I have been recently discussing Nickelodeon nostalgia. While there is a good chunk of Nick shows that are available on platforms like Amazon, Hulu, and even Netflix, there are some shows that are still lost in the time warp! These series can only be found in random Youtube videos and in small quantities. These are the series my brothers and I have deemed need a comeback and ASAP!

  • KaBlam! – Shortly after All That arrived at SNICK, they realized they didn’t have enough time for animated shorts and movies. Thus KaBlam! was born giving us some of the most interesting mini-series of our time like Prometheus and Bob, Action League Now! and Angela Anaconda. This is a series that needs to come back RIGHT NOW! It was a great way to see different styles of animation, storytelling, and the use of creative options. If All That can get a reboot, so can KaBlam!
  • Clarissa Explains It All – If Lizzie McGuire is making a comeback, give us Clarissa. She was the older sister we desperately needed and taught us all about growing up. Her advice about dealing with pain in the butt brothers was very useful in my world. Maybe she can explain the adult world to us and make sense of this crazy time right now.
  • The Amanda Show – We could all use a laugh right now. The Amanda Show was up there with All That and the only reason it was amazing was because of Amanda Bynes. Unfortunately, she has had her own life troubles so the reality of this one coming back anytime soon is slim to none. So Amanda Bynes if you are hearing our pleads, come back, we miss you!
  • Figure It Out – There were a lot of games that were on Nickelodeon.  Hidden Temple and Double Dare have made a come back in recent years. Figure it out was the best of both worlds. Kids got to show off their insane talents or claim to fame. Meanwhile, celebrity guests had to ask questions to try and figure it out. Usually, it ended up with them being covered in slimed. You could bring back this show in so many different forms and it still would be entertaining for all ages!
  • Nick News With Linda Ellerbee – Oh man, can we just go back to when then the news came from a woman we trusted liked our own mother. Linda Ellerbee taught us valuable lessons and opened our eyes to a variety of issues that faced our world. I think in a time like this, I wish there was a series still available to kids like Nick News was in the ’90s.

What are some of your favorite forgotten Nickelodeon shows? List them in the comments below!