The secret’s out. With Kai finally home safe, being inspected by a doctor, it’s revealed to Cookie that Jamal’s beau is HIV positive. She incorrectly assumes HIV to be one and the same with AIDS. Kai is thankfully patient enough to explain to her later that he’s undetectable and Cookie’s worries for her son are for naught since Jamal has been on PreP for a while.

Cookie is so much like my own mother, worried about her children’s safety and happiness. I can understand why Jamal is so perturbed by the way Cookie shows love by smothering him.

Jamal and Kai being reunited is sweet, as the two steal each other’s moves and eventually propose to each other during the conclusion of the episode.

Cookie and Lucious are still continuing to work on gaining funds for their management company, and Andre seriously needs to realize he’s living outside of prison now, not inside behind bars. Get a reality check man.


giphy – TGON – Empire – Fox

Hakeem and Tiana. I have to admit I roll my eyes at this pair, even as Hakeem finally discovers that Blake cut Hakeem’s track with Tiana, after the woman released it online. That fistfight was bound to happen, but since Hakeem is down such a destructive path, Tiana was right to kick him to the curb. Here’s hoping that Tiana and Hakeem will share custody amicably while Keem gets his life back in order.

Tiana also needs to be shown more of her bisexual side. It’s unfair for the writers to insinuate Tiana having a girlfriend in Season 1 and later writing out that possibility entirely over the coming seasons.

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