She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2 Review

So, it turns out the legal justice system doesn’t appreciate superheroes in the courtroom. Not even when those heroes end up saving the lives of everyone present, as Jen Walters finds out the hard way. After having her big origin story in the series premiere last week, and despite swearing not to use her powers, Jen found herself doing just that thanks to a super tearing up the courtroom. Having outed herself, Jen has to accept her new lot in life: She-Hulk, Attorney at Law.

She-Hulk: Attorney for Hire

So, despite saving everyone from a super trying to bail on a traffic ticket, Jen Walters lost her case. Instead, because she saved everyone, her opponent got it declared a mistrial due to juror bias. In addition, she gets fired from her job with the DA. And no other law firm will take her because they see her as “a distraction.” 

The worst part, though, is that her ex-coworker automatically pegs her as doing that to get publicity. What a jerk; she didn’t ask for her powers, and now she’s got to live with being called She-Hulk by the world rather than Jen Walters. 

Something tells me that a good deal of the conflict in this series will stem from Jen coming to terms with the fact that she’s now the She-Hulk, an attorney and superhero. This only gets exacerbated when her opponent’s from the last case hire her to head their new superhuman division. The catch is they want her to do it as She-Hulk. Their motives for getting publicity couldn’t be more obvious to anyone, especially Jen. Then, to make matters worse, she gets her first case: getting Emil “The Abomination” Blonsky out on parole!

The Abomination Returns

Here are the basics if you have never seen the Edward Norton Hulk movie or Shang-Chi. Emil was a Russian-born, British-raised commando that fought the Hulk. He got injected with a form of Super Soldier Serum and combined it with Banner’s gamma blood, letting him become the Abomination. His attempts to kill Hulk almost wrecked Harlem, leading to his arrest and getting thrown in prison for the last decade or so. Now he wants out, and he wants Banner’s cousin Jen to help him do so.

On the one hand, Blonsky seems genuine with his claims that he’s turned over a new life. On the other hand, even Banner thinks so, and Blonsky tries to kill him. The show also makes a jab at the fact that Banner was literally a different person back then. That is the best joke of the whole episode.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2- Edward Norton Joke
Source-Marvel, Tumblr

The second best is the reveal that Banner’s taken a Sakaaran ship into space. “World War Hulk” coming soon?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 2-Blonsky's Claims
Source-Marvel, Tumblr

In any event, Walters has no choice but to take this make-or-break case for herself, trying to prove that Blonsky won’t go nuts and can live on a plot of land with his quote-unquote “seven soulmates.” This will be hard, given how a video of his time fighting at that underground fight club we saw in Shang-Chi leaked. 

I’m rooting for you, Jen. Go get them!

Also, note Jen’s screensaver for her phone. And what it says on the Internet: the X-MEN ARE COMING!!

I Give “Superhuman Law” a 4/5