We open to SafeSpace Seattle getting new security cameras as well as magic detectors. There is a ruckus upstairs and when Maggie and Mel go to check it out, they find out Harry and Macy got lucky.

Julian and his Aunt Vivian are pushing forward with everything and have shut down all the businesses at SafeSpace. Not only are they looking for the sisters, they are looking for the sacred tree and the black amber it contains. Harry goes to get the last elder. She and Harry leave to get the skeleton key that she made for the jars and the sister try to retrieve the jar. Now that Julian knows that Macy is a witch, she wants to protect her. I mean he wanted to protect her before but now from his aunt and organization. The construction workers found the walls to the command center and can’t get through them. Vivian pleas for Julian to change his mind about Macy but he is steadfast.

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Harry and his literal maker get to the ancient castle that hold the key in it’s wreck. They have a lot to look through. Macy, Mel and Maggie find the witches from the witchness protection program. Mel’s old flame, Ruby, is the witch she gets the amber marble from. Unfortunately it’s clear that Mel and Ruby are not meant to be. Something goes quite wrong with the amber marble. Macy and Maggie are trapped and Mel got the marble back. Vivian continues to plead her case. She is an absolute zealot.

The Elder has a talk with Harry about Macy. She says that there union is forbidden. She relays the story of The Conqueror. She says that Julian is the second coming of him and that he will annihilate magic and the world. As they speak, Julian, Aunt Vivian and an archeologist open the only intact dark lighter bottle I see. It isn’t Dark Harry aka Jimmy. Turns out it was Dark Harry and that this was a memory.

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Mel must ask Ruby to get involved again. She doesn’t want to but if she doesn’t her sisters die. Maggie gives Macy some of her calm because Macy is freaking out. Julian wants to see his sister as Vivian mentally and emotionally beat him down. Vivian brings him to Rosemary and feeds her black amber. She wakes up momentarily. Ruby agrees to help and everyone is in the command center now. Suddenly the wall looks like its going to cave in. The must do the most powerful circle of protection known to man. Letting Dark Harry out didn’t go as planned.

What happened when Harry was let out? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Julian. What about you? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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