Last week, You’re the Worst ended on a cliffhanger, as Gretchen snuck out of the house in the middle of the night with nothing but her coat and a burner phone. But if you, like me, were hoping for some answers, you’ll be sadly disappointed, as we still haven’t learned where Gretchen is sneaking off to. Instead, this week we were treated to some “girl time” between Gretchen and Lindsay, while Jimmy tried to overcome his writer’s block and Edgar connected with his improv classmates.

We’ll start with Gretchen and Lindsay, who realize this week that they spend all of their time together talking about men. Disturbed, Gretchen demands that they expand the range of topics that they discuss, explaining that they are “complex women with rich inner lives.” When they agree to meet for breakfast with a “prepared list of non-dude topics,” Lindsay scours the internet for conversation-starters, but instead becomes engrossed in “websites, and then some other websites that disagreed with the first websites”, developing a confused ideology around topics such as ISIS and Benghazi (“thanks Oblunder!”)  and scaring Gretchen in the process. Later, when Gretchen shares a video of  Paul’s girlfriend Amy,  the official ASL translator for Beyonce, Lindsay gives up on politics, drinks wine, watches garbage tv and drunk texts Edgar.

Edgar, meanwhile, continues his “really cool and exciting” improv class, and gets close to his teacher, who takes an interest in his military service. At a bar, the two bond and Edgar misses Lindsay’s text messages.

Elsewhere, Jimmy is still having trouble writing his second novel, but the novelization market is “blowing up in a ginormous way” and he is offered a position writing a novelization of the tv show NICS:LA. Jimmy accepts, but stumbles. Hopeful that he’ll gain some inspiration and confidence, Jimmy decides to go to one of Edgar’s improv shows, not to watch, but to test his “classic” heckles on the performers. Things don’t quite work out for him, however, as the performers exceed Jimmy’s expectations, and help him improve on his heckling with their keen editing skills. Dejected, he tells Edgar that he’ll never be a writer and goes home to his erotic friend fiction.

At the end of the episode we once again see Gretchen leaving Jimmy’s in the middle of the night with her burner phone. Only, this time, Jimmy wakes up and watches her leave, a heartbreaking look on his face. We’re left wondering, for a second week in a row, just where Gretchen goes. Are they setting us up for something bigger and darker? Or are they setting us up for a big comic payoff when we learn Gretchen is off somewhere funny and harmless? I’m anxious for a resolution to this storyline.

Favorite one-liners:

Jimmy, you’re not writing recaps, are you? – Gretchen

Postpartum murders are so basic. – Lindsay

You’ve had some awful, awful hobbies, but this is by far the worst and I’m including heroin and ‘not knowing things are a school’. – Jimmy

I didn’t even get to see the cool parts of Iraq! I was in Fallujah, which is basically their San Diego. – Edgar

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