We’ve all heard that listening to music can help one focus when they are working or studying. According to Florida National University, music causes activation of both of the hemispheres in the brain, which can maximize learning and improve memory. If you’ve been working from home throughout these strange times, it’s fair to say that your musical library may be getting stale. Fortunately, TGON is here to save the day with the best nerdy playlist around! Just a heads up, some of these songs do feature adult themes and language.


Source: Sociology of Video Games

Nerdy Playlist

Borderlands Rock Rap “In the Borderlands”: Teamheadkick

World of Warcraft Ruined My Life: All Caps

[Do you Want to Date My] Avatar: The Guild featuring Felicia Day

Polaris Loves You | Summer of PokemonGO: Shofu

40 Years of Gaming: Dan Bull

Barret’s Privateers: The Real McKenzies

Cartoons: Dr. Awkward featuring Mc Chris

She Blinded Me With Science: Thomas Dolby

Cereal: Garrett Merk

8-Bit Anthem: The GAG Quartet

I Play W.O.W.- Main: Jace Hall

The Hero: Nostalgia

RugRaps: Ralphy London featuring Lunch Money Gang

Sailor Moon: Sailor Pride

Weird Science: Oingo Boingo

Angry Birds Rap: JT Machinima

The PokeRap: Starbomb

Tom Nook: Shofu

Jabber Jaw Running Under Water: Pain

Diggy Diggy Hole: Wind Rose

Necrocomicon: Teenage Bottlerocket

Grip Grand: Supperrapper

Music tends to bring people together, and I hope this playlist brought some smiles to your face and increased your musical library. Each song has been provided a Youtube link so you can preview it before committing. I know I had a blast curating this list due to the thousands of songs with nerdy themes. If there are some songs, you adore that I forgot, please don’t hesitate to let me know down below!