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This is a gambling game that requires you to use cards tactfully to win the game. Following the rules of the game carefully guarantees you of big wins. There’s also online poker in the wake of the digital age. You can find it in casino online (คาสิโนออนไลน์). Poker, like other gambling games, has a set of interesting facts that improve your prowess. These facts help you to know the rules of the game, any history made from prominent people as well as the interesting origin of some names used in poker. This game of chance has taught players throughout the world how to stay entertained. In the following article, learn about 7 interesting facts about poker which you can find in GClub (จีคลับ).

  1. Poker is a prestigious game of chance played by prominent U.S. presidents including the 37th President, Richard Nixon. He served the country but was the only president to resign from office despite his love for the poker game. Richard Nixon was an avid poker player who once revealed to have used poker winnings to finance his first campaign in the position of House of Representatives in the U.S. The 37th U.S. president treasured the game and only became better in it. He attained exemplary skills on how to play poker. Richard Nixon was good at playing poker that he was the best player people had ever seen.

  2. With just an investment of $50, expert poker player Tom Dwan got returns of $5,000,000 over 4 years. This cash which was a gift from his father during his 17th birthday helped him kick start his poker hands. The American renowned pro poker player has continued to shine in the game in several worldwide tournaments. Since the 17-year- old young Dwan couldn’t play in the U.S. until he was 21 years, he has won a fortune playing for foreign poker events. He’s also an avid player as he quit his studies in college for a kick start in playing professional poker.

  3. Two men charged with fraud by using a bug in the poker video game to win a jackpot of half a million dollars were set free. The duo John Kane and Andre Nestor learned how to play poker in their early years. Before they were found out and sued, the two had won endless jackpots in different casinos in the U.S. The case was dismissed after their lawyer said that the guys took advantage of buttons they had the right to, so there was no crime in it.

  4. Pro poker player Isaac Baron found his sports car worth $50,000 five months later after forgetting where he had parked. The avid poker player had even reported to the right authorities but months later a sports car was reported to be packed at the same spot. It’s his car! The rich poker player had bought the car using his successful poker hands.

  5. “Passing the Buck” is an expression that has roots from the world of poker. During the American Frontiers era, a knife marker that had a buckhorn handle served the purpose of indicating the next poker player on the line. So if any of the players were not interested in playing, he would pass the buck to the next in the line. When learning how to play poker, you will come across this expression.
  6. A game of poker is used to break the tie in Estancia, Mexico for the Mayor elections. This had happened thrice when a game of chance was used to determine the winner if the candidates had a tie. Contestants who had tied would play poker then the winner would be announced the winner of the elections since poker one’s poker hands settled the issue.

  7. You have heard about hitting a Jackpot in poker which means to be very successful in the game. The name Jackpot is believed to come into being when players placed so many stakes in a pot that became so big that it had to be opened using a pair of jacks. That’s why when even when one wins poker online we refer the scenario as hitting the jackpot.


Every game of chance poker online included found at casino online, has a set of fascinating facts you should be aware of. This will help you understand how to play poker better thus increase your odds of winning in casinos such as GClub . Some poker facts are fascinating like the origin of some names, history of the rules applied in the game, as well as the jackpots that have been achieved by many pro poker players before. The 7 interesting facts about poker should help you increase the odds of your poker hands in casino games at GClub.



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