For those familiar with the series, the name Carl Stein certainly rings a bell for Beholder fans. Recently, the Beholder 2 came out and in celebration I wanted to take a look back on the first game that proved to be a great success then later get into what we saw in the trailer for the squeal (maybe even do a review of that game). The game was published by Alawar Premium and developed by Warm Lamp Games.

Beholder (11)

Photo Source: Beholder – Alawar Premium (Publisher) – Warm Lamp Games (Developer)

Players follow Carl, a husband and father, in his struggles living within a totalitarian society. Carl, along with Anna (wife), Patrick (son) and Martha (daughter), start the game by moving into their new apartment by order of the government as he was made the building’s new landlord. They are greeted with a less than inviting scene of a beaten man , Hector Medina (the previous landlord, and someone you can play in the DLC Blissful Sleep), being lead out by police. Carl’s job is to spy on people in the building for breaking any and all laws of the government- no matter how unfair or just ridiculous said laws are (at one point they even banned reading and apples). Carol can play by his government’s rules, aid his fellow citizens or choose to rob/ blackmail his tenants in order to get a head in this harsh society. Either way, how the player chooses to act as Carl will play a crucial role in the out come of all those in the game.

Beholder (Charaßters 2)

Photo Source: Beholder – Alawar Premium (Publisher) – Warm Lamp Games (Developer)

There are multiple situations, you, as the landlord, have to work through to keep not only yourself but your family safe. Spying on your tenants then reporting them so they get arrested could be in your favor or result in the death of any number of people. Players in the past have found aiding Patrick in his education and getting Martha the medicine she needs to be the most tricky segments of the game to complete together. Depending how you act could result in your whole family perishing but to prevent this takes a bit of skill as these two events are so close together as well as being early in the game. These two are just the beginning of a whole series of events to navigate around that will challenge the players moral compass and management skills. This game is not for the faint of heart as it requires one to steal and do far worse just to make it by so if you decide to play it know that. Upon playing the game for several hours, we believe this game could be an introduction to beginners wanting to pursue more engaging forms of gaming as it requires strategy and a patience for doing multiple play-throughs. The story lines are interesting and with the constant flow of tenants each with their own background, character and situations, you will continue to find reasons to be involved/ interested.


Photo Source: Beholder – Alawar Premium (Publisher) – Warm Lamp Games (Developer)

The possible endings for Beholder are multiple and while some end on a pleasant (enough considering) note a large some of them will leave you sad and pondering what all your efforts went towards. Not everyone in the world has the right to freedom of speech and privacy so this game is a grime reminder of that fact along with the punishments that follow so be prepared to be mentally challenged. Players struggle to find their way in this game so every move made will lead to a certain outcome but these choices are not easy.

Beholder 2 was recently released and, as a previous game trailer showed, gamers will be playing as Evan Redgrave in a whole new environment with a new set of responsibilities. Redgrave is apparently working in a government building in the same world as the Beholder. In the beginning, his job is to aid citizens and when hes not working then he is interacting with his fellow employees (as some pictures would suggest). We will possibly do a review of this game in the future as the first game was entertaining and this new environment appears to offer the possibilities for so much more in-depth game-play so be sure to leave a like if you want more.

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