Okay, so…I don’t know about any of you, but Far Cry has been one of my favorite game series since the first game’s debut way back in the olden days. I did a lot of research to give you guys the BEST information I could find about it, so let’s dive into this new game! A lot of speculation had come with this game during the first inklings of it’s existence; some speculated we’d be heading off to space in Far Cry 5, while others were certain that it’d follow in the footsteps of Far Cry: Primal and introduce Dinosaurs into our midst. First of all, I found out that the release for Far Cry 5 is going to be February 27, 2018, and we’ve already got loads of content to go through!

According to multiple sources, it’s going to remain a First Person Shooter, like it’s predecessors, and it’s surprisingly set in The United States of America. The game’s story takes place in Hope County, Montana – A completely fictional place, – and the villain of this game is a man known as Joseph Seed, a Preacher turned cultist who believes he’s leading his followers to salvation. In truth, he’s militaristic, and you, the player, are sent in as a Sheriff’s Deputy to arrest him, but instead you’re dragged into the war he’s caused among the people of Hope County.

Honestly, IGN was my most reliable source on this matter, and they have an INSANE compilation of all of the Far Cry 5 teasers that have been released. You can check out their article over the game as well as the videos they’ve gathered here. Ubisoft has been on another level with the promotion of the new Far Cry installment, and the hype behind it has me excited. What’s more is the story-line sounds like it might pertain to serious issues that we have going right now when it comes to over-zealous religions. (Please know, I’m not saying religions are bad, or that someone’s belief in them is not okay – all I mean is that every religion has a community that is full of people who are overly judgmental and use their beliefs as justification for harming others. What you believe is entirely up to you and entirely okay with me, so long as it’s not harmful to those around you.)

An image had been released (pictured above) showing the main villain in what looks to be an American-themed knock-off of The Last Supper, presumably with Joseph Seed smack in the spot where Jesus Christ would be. The image only solidifies the fact that Far Cry 5 will focus on a man who took his beliefs too far. Rumor has it that Joseph also comes to refer to himself a “The Father,” putting him in a “God-Like” status. While I’m personally excited for the game, I can only imagine the sort of controversy this is going to strike up as we get closer to the release date.

On top of all of the hype behind this, and the real-world relations this game might have, one of the writers behind the game has some decent work under his belt. Drew Holmes, one of the writers for Bioshock: Infinite, has come on board as Far Cry 5’s writer, and with a creative mind like his at the helm, I can only imagine what sort of wonderful game we’re going to receive. Keep in mind players, that the game looks to only be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC based systems. Are you excited about Far Cry 5? Will you be right along side me in pre-ordering it for your system? Let us know!