The upcoming week is full of excitement for the Zedtown event in Chandler, Arizona. Zedtown is an apocalyptic Nerf fight pitting zombie against survivors. Players are divided into three factions; red, gold, and blue, and must complete missions while avoiding the tag of their zombie counterparts. April 21st, 2018 is the first of two days the Zedtown team will be in Chandler, Arizona. Tickets are still on sale and one can use promo code GAMEOFNERDS for a buy one get one deal.

The Venue


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Rawhide Western Town and Event Center is part historic tourist town meets petting zoo. Typically, it is known for its western themed wares and angry llama. However, this weekend it will be filled with painted up zombies tagging unsuspecting Nerf gun wielders. Rawhide boasts an 80-acre facility, which means plenty of space to evade enemies. The buildings are reminiscent of the old west which, combined with brightly colored Nerf darts will be a spectacular sight to be seen.


Zedtown Participant

Source: Zedtown Team

Zedtown is an outdoor event which in the Arizona desert can be debilitating. It is imperative that Nerf connoisseurs bring a bottle of water and adorn sunscreen. Individuals can expect a sunny 90-degree day with no chance of rain and little wind. This also ensures wind will not be a factor when taking aim and one should be able to hit their target with little resistance.

My Thoughts

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In my household Zedtown means beefing up my Nerf arsenal and attempting to shoot on target. I’m feeling like a child the night before making the trek to Disneyland. After viewing the pictures of Zedtown Costa Mesa, made possible by Lauren of Zedtown, I feel my anticipation building. The looks of joy and purity on all the individuals faces, brings me to realize that, despite the 90-degree weather, I’m in for a uniting experience. Whether I zombify quickly or I last the whole game, one thing is for sure, I will become part of a community that truly enjoys the art of Nerf guns. Overall, Zedtown will be a unique experience.


The video is brought to you by the Zedtown Youtube channel. To learn more about the event, head on over to their website.


Rawhide Western Town and Event Center is located at:

5700 W North Loop Rd, Chandler, AZ 85226