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Wouldn’t it be fun to try and recap every episode of The Mindy Project off the top of my head? I thought it would be so I did & now I’m subjecting you to it! Part 1 dropped earlier, check out part 2 below and tell me in the reblogs or on twitter the thing that stands out for you in each episode!

Mindy & Nanny


  • H: This is when my hatred of Ben Affleck started because he took Messina away from us! Zoe Kazan was great as the anti-vaxxer nanny and there was other stuff with Leo but whatever.

Later, Baby

  • H: Jody’s gross and needs to not be involved in this business at all. Mindy’s speech was amazing, men are indeed garbage, and Leo ruined everything by crying

Jody Kimball Kinney Is My Husband


  • H: I actually really enjoyed this episode! It was so funny and those Saris Mindy wore were *100 emoji.* I can see Jody for the comedic character he brings to the show and the bit in the shower was one of my favourite things!

The Departed

  • H: At this point in the series I was like yeah Danny stay dead ugh with your dumb pornstache Affleck movie. I was super bummed she wanted to sell her apartment but the bereavement group stuff was hilarious & I’m probably alone in this but loved what Peter had to say about their relationship.

The Lahiris And The Castellanos


  • H: THE. PARENTS. MET. This episode was so perfect mostly because Rhea & Sakina are so phenomenal. It started M&D on a series of important fights that need to be had and the last scene between Annette & Mindy made my allergies act up!

The Parent Trap


  • H: DANIEL MUSSOLINI CASTELLANO UUUUUGH. In future rematches I will pretend this episode starts and ends with a bunch of hot dates & sex and absolutely no ulterior motive!

When Mindy Met Danny


  • H: Despute the fact that time is always a magical concept on this show, I’ve been dying to see Mindy’s first day at Schulman. It was cool to see that Danny was always annoying but I forgave him when he made heart eyes! When the show does Badass Dr. Mindy moments I’m like Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes going YAAAAAS QUEEN. I don’t even want to talk about that ending and how much it broke my heart to see Mindy cry and hear Sam Smith play because some of those lyrics are telling as hell.


Keep checking in with us for news about The Mindy Project throughout the next few months -hopefully we have a return date very soon!