If you’ve never played a no deposit bonus before, you’re in the right place. The following few hundred words will explain everything there is to know about this exciting and entirely risk-free type of casino bonus. No deposit promotions provide an excellent way for new players to get some experience and to discover which games they like to play without ever parting with any of their own money. With free, home-based activities being more important than ever, right now could be the ideal time for you to test your luck!

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit casino bonus is a promotion that online casinos offer to players. Although casinos can provide no deposit bonuses at any time, they are most common when a player first signs up to a new company.

There are two main types of no deposit bonuses: bonus cash and free spins.

Bonus cash is the name given to casino credits that function exactly like cash but cannot be withdrawn. With bonus cash no deposit bonus, the casino will award the player with a set amount of bonus cash. Players can use this on any eligible games and those games included will be listed in the offer’s terms and conditions.

Free spins are just as they sound. They’re free to go on a virtual slot machine. Casinos will usually specify either a single game or a small group that players can use the spins on. It’s common to see no deposit free spin bonuses consisting of 5, 10, 20, or even more attempts on a slot that will cost the player absolutely nothing.

Players love no deposit bonuses because they allow them to play on a range of different games that they might have previously overlooked. They can also try out new casino software from an entirely new operator with no obligation to spend any money. However, these two reasons pale insignificance when compared with the ultimate reason players love no deposit bonuses – they can win real money!

Although it’s entirely possible for players to find no deposit bonuses themselves, it’s quite a labor-intensive process. For this reason, we recommend using specialized websites, such as this one. They have long lists of the best and most current promotions – ideal for those less familiar with the industry.

Why Do Casinos Give No Deposit Bonuses?

Casinos love no deposit bonuses almost as much as the players themselves do. For them, it’s all about marketing.

You see, even if the player doesn’t deposit at the casino right at the point of claiming the promotion, they’re much more likely to use a casino that they have an account within the future. Since the player needs to create an account to use the bonus cash or free spins in the first place, the deal is pretty sweet for the casino.

Having a potential gambler’s email address is also very useful for the venue. After they sign up, the iGaming company can continue to offer them various perks, information about new games, and other titbits. This is very valuable to the casino’s marketing department and further strengthens the likelihood that they will indeed make a deposit, eventually.

Won’t the Casino Go Broke if it’s Giving Money Away?

It might seem like a pretty bum deal for the casino. They give away the opportunity to win big money and for what? An email address and an increased likelihood of future custom. It doesn’t exactly sound worth it when putting like that.

That’s until you understand the kinds of tricks that a casino employs to make it more difficult for a player to win using a no deposit bonus. Bonus money is different from real money. Players cannot withdraw it. Bonus money is subject to a range of different stipulations before it becomes regular cash in a casino account.

The main condition associated with bonus cash is that players need to actually play with it. The casino will set a specific number of times that players must use the funds playing different games. This is usually pretty high – you might need to bet £20 a total of 50 times to have eventually bet £1,000. Don’t worry though, you do this in whatever increments you like.

Depending on the casino’s own terms, winnings from bonus funds are usually added to a player’s bonus cash balance. Like the rest of the balance, they will only be eligible for withdrawal once a player meets the full list of terms and conditions.

To make it even more difficult for players to end up with a positive cash balance, casinos will restrict the games that a player can wager their bonus on. For example, blackjack play might not contribute anything towards the playthrough requirements, and a slot with a high return-to-player rating, like NetEnt’s Mega Joker, might contribute a paltry 10%.

Popular no deposit free spins game.

Other terms and conditions to be aware of include time restrictions and cash-out limitations. Again, both these stipulations will make it more difficult for a player to end up with a positive balance after they complete the often-harsh wagering requirements.

No Deposit Bonus Tips

Bonus terms and conditions certainly make cashing out tricky. Whilst they have been specifically designed to make it anything but a given that you will bust out before completing the wagering, there are a few tips that can improve your odds:

  •       Always play the highest RTP game available that contributes 100% to the playthrough requirements.
  •       Stick to the minimum stakes on any game you are playing. If you’re playing a slot, make sure to use the maximum number of win lines possible and to set the bet per line to the minimum possible value.
  •       Avoid games that involve an additional prize pool. For example, don’t use progressive slot machines to play through a bonus with a cap on winnings. If you actually hit the thing, you won’t be able to withdraw it anyway. You’re just bloating the pot for the eventual winner!
  •       Pay attention to the time limit. You don’t want to find that you have hundreds to bet with just a few minutes to do it in. This is when you’re likely to bust out.


Are No Deposit Bonuses Even Worth it?

With so many terms and conditions to satisfy before you even get the opportunity to withdraw, it’d be forgivable of you to think that no deposit bonuses are a waste of time. However, they’re anything but.

Since players don’t need to deposit anything at all to play using a no deposit bonus, they actually represent a rare risk-free proposition from the casino. Whereas almost all bonuses can result in a loss for the player, the no deposit bonus only requires their time. Although most no deposit bonuses are for new players only, there is nothing to stop you from signing up for loads of them and working your way through them all. The more signups you make, the greater your odds of actually dropping a payout!