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With the 100th episode of the Hulu comedy now streaming, outlets like EW, Indiewire & Glamour caught up with members of the cast, designer Sal Perez, showrunner Matt Warburton & Mindy Kaling herself to talk about the path to this television milestone and the road ahead.

1. The Mindy Project 100th episode: Boyfriends old and new tell all

“DEWEY: Maybe my favorite cold open in all of television, not just the stuff I’ve done, is there’s an episode in the first season where I accidentally put on Mindy’s jeans and we could not stop laughing. It’s a miracle we got anything usable, but it so perfectly defined their relationship — speaking of awkward and confusing — and who that Mindy character is, her worst nightmare playing out in front of her, and Mindy’s willing to go to those places. It’s a perfectly written scene, hilarious and says so much in [about] two pages.”

2. ‘The Mindy Project’ Cast and Crew on Relationships, Fashion, and Planning for an End Game as They Hit 100 Episodes

“I don’t think I’ve changed that much. I was certainly more nervous when we started just because I wanted to stay on the air,” Kaling told IndieWire.  “I didn’t know how densely packed with jokes it would be. I’m really proud of that. Coming from ‘The Office,’ I knew that you can’t really predict what is going to work and what isn’t at the very beginning. You have to just let the show reveal itself to you as it airs.”

3. ‘The Mindy Project’ Team Looks Back on the Eventful Road to 100 Episodes

“Evolution, even then, is a good way to think about it, because Mindy treated the show like an experiment,” says co-showrunner Matt Warburton. “The only fixed point is the character of Mindy herself and her journey, and she gave herself the freedom to see where that took us. It has led to the show really changing in several fundamental ways over the course of its run.”

4. The Mindy Project Celebrates 100 Episodes With Never-Before-Told Secrets From Mindy Kaling and the Cast

“Surprise #9: Some of the Cast Actually Got Drunk in a Scene: We’ll let Ed Weeksexplain this one: ‘One night during one of the Christmas episodes, it was a late night and we were shooting on the backlot, and I think Danny had to fall into a hole, and it was Mindy’s birthday, and there might have been some Patrón making its way around [the cast]. It was cold; we had to warm up, so there might have been a little Patrón going around. Chris and I used to get into mischief because we shared a double banger trailer. But we were drunk enough during that one episode that we couldn’t feel anything anymore!’”

5. Mindy Project EP reflects on the evolution of 100 episodes

“MATT WARBURTON: You know, we were up on the show from the beginning and very excited about it. But you don’t let yourself believe something like that. You’re not allowed to. It would be arrogant to do that! I went back and counted, and the year we came on, in 2012, there were 17 new comedies. And by season 2, that was down to two. It’s almost Darwinian—it’s crazy. We just somehow did it! The Fox thing, the Hulu thing happened, and it’s just…we’re unkillable.”