With all that is going on in the world right now, life has forcibly slowed down for many of us. As people who are used to being on the go, we are having to stay home a lot more. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to spend time with our kids, whether they are human or furry, as well as our significant others. However, we are bound to get bored. With all the shows on cable, Netflix, and Hulu it can be hard to pick something. The wonderful thing about streaming services is that you have access to oldies but goodies as far as shows go. I am here this time to give you a list of ten shows that are worth watching again on Hulu. I tried to give you a large variety. Let’s get into the list.

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Unsolved Mysteries was such a creepy show. I love the ones with Robert Stack the most. I remember watching it as a kid and of course, it was at night so I was scared to go to sleep. I loved it! It’s a mix of unsolved crimes, lost loved ones and even some paranormal stuff thrown in.

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Smallville is Superman in high school. Well, his Clark Kent identity anyway. He is learning about his powers and how to become the superhero we all know and love. He deals with all the fallout from his landing on this planet.

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The Librarians is awesome! My husband and I just recently found this. These “Librarians” try to protect the world from magic and find and preserve historical items that are imbued with power such as the Holy Grail. It stars Noah Wyle of ER fame and Rebecca Romijn from X-men. 

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The Outer Limits is so cool. I like the one from 1995 the best. My son says there is a new, new one. I will try to find it and let you know how it is. Anyway, Outer Limits is even creepier than Unsolved Mysteries. So many things are presented in a way that is creepy because it is a normal situation made extraordinary

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Daria is a cartoon that was on MTV in the ’90s and early 2000s. Daria was so wonderfully cynical for being. The teachers are absolutely horrible. The kids all fit into the cliched cliques. They watch a show called “Sick Sad World”. The series is absolutely dynamite and there is rumored to be a reboot in the works.

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The Bones series has been extensively covered on The Game of Nerds.  Starring David Boreanaz from Angel and Emily Deschanel as the title character Bones. “Bones” is a forensic anthropologist and she teams up with the FBI so share her specific set of skills to catch the bad guys. Bones is so smart she is completely out of her depth in any social situation. 

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Inuyasha is an anime show that is is set in both feudal Japan and the current time. Kagome is a girl from present-day who travels back and forth between now and ancient Japan. She meets Inuyasha who is part demon and part human. They fight evil and try to find Shikon jewel fragments to help Inuyasha become a full demon. I am not an anime fan (I know, I know. Booo!) but I enjoy this one. 

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X-Files is another potentially creepy show. It sneaks up on you. Mulder and Scully are FBI agents working in the “X-Files” unit looking into strange cases. Some is just weird, some a little gross, but all are fascinating. The series spans many seasons, two movies, and a reboot! 

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Animaniacs is a great cartoon for everyone. It stars Yako, Wakko, and Dot. They are the Warner kids and they are completely nuts and so much fun. They cause all kinds of damage but is funny as Hades. One of the best moments in the series is when Yakko sings the countries. The voice talent and production for this series is top notch. This is another series that is set to be rebooted sometime soon. 

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Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the two best Star Trek shows. I could have easily pick Star Trek: Voyager with Cpt. Janeway but I chose The Next Generation with Cpt. Picard because without him we would have never had a way to bring the show current. We are introduced to a whole new cast of characters. Data is probably my favorite character but the whole cast is stellar. Star Fleet is still going where no man has gone before.

So that is my list of shows on Hulu, both old and new shows. I enjoy showing my kids (my kids ages range from 21 to 12) series I have loved over the years. By and large, they enjoy spending that time with me and watching the stuff that I love too. I hope I touched on a favorite or two of yours. If I haven’t let me know your favorite old shows in the comments below. I promise to answer you. Til next week…