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Helium Or No Helium?  That Is The Question!


The Swedish are at it again!  It turns out that they are trying the prove the Superfluid Vortex Experiment before Sheldon and Leonard.  Seeing that they have both been working on this experiment for over a year, they are obviously less than thrilled.  All they need is helium and they can beat the Swedish!  After Kripke turns them down (because as it turns out he has all the helium in the University), they turn to a really shady guy that Howard recommends (that should have been your first clue guys!).  They meet at night in a garage (second clue!), and almost fail getting the helium because of Sheldon (no big surprise there).  Already not like the situation, Sheldon tells the man that he skip traced him and found out everything about him, including that his name is Kenneth Fitzgerald (played by the wonderful Michael Rapaport).  After bantering back and forth for ten minutes (which included Sheldon elaborately telling Kenneth what a Mexican Stand Off was), the three exchange the money/helium and go on their way.

After getting back to their lab, Sheldon notices a sticker with the letter “U” on it.  Being Sheldon, he deduces that there is only one explanation; Fitzgerald stole the helium from the US Government!  Not wanting to go to prison, the boys give the helium back to Kenneth, only to pay for the helium back after Kripke tells them he will give them the helium as long as they add his name to the experiment.  In your face Kripke!

In other news, Stuart is actually dating, thanks to a new dating App.  Penny and Bernadette think that Amy would love this App and encourages her to use it (which means steeling her phone and creating a profile for her).  Howard and Raj get into the mix, and after like an hour they have made Amy’s dating matches into a drinking game.  Penny hooks the phone up to the TV so everyone can see. Shirtless dudes are worth one sip. Guys with animals are worth two. The entire group must chug their beers if a guy is shirtless WITH an animal.  They eventually get interrupted when Amy gets a text from a guy named Dave, thanking her for meeting him, and that he would like to go out another time. The entire group cheers in excitement. It turns out Amy doesn’t need an App to help her find a man!


I am not sure how to process this episode.  I was not thrilled by either of the storylines.  My heart breaks for Shamy, but I still have hope.  However, i also think that they are dragging on “the breakup” aftermath way to long.  JUST GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY!  That is all!  Till next time nerds!


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