Moira may have made a social media faux-pas, but luckily her talented PR agent and daughter, Alexis is here to remedy it. Photosource: CBC

Alright episode two of the final season of Schitt’s Creek, hold back the tears because a lot is going on and we’re just going to dive right in.

We begin with Patrick and David waking up in a bed that is suspiciously moist. In an awkward prolonged state of understanding, David realizes that he’s actually wet his fiancee’s bed. Mortified, he can barely look at Patrick and insists that they should get divorced even though they haven’t actually gotten to the whole ‘getting married’ part yet.

Patrick meanwhile is trying to be a supportive partner and calm David down, insisting it is not a big deal at all and they should just talk about it. David responds to this plan by suggesting he should jump out of the window, so fair to say that the strategy didn’t exactly go as planned.

Things between them continue to be strained at the store, partly due to David’s refusal to drink liquids of any kind. Moira does not help when she bursts into the store to live stream Patrick and David as part of a social media blitz for the upcoming Crows movie. Say what you want about Moira’s parenting style, but having just heard that David did not sleep well she’s guessed the cause within seconds, leading an exposed David to storm out. Trying to dissect the situation with Patrick, Moira explains that this situation only used to happen when David was full of excited anticipation like he is now about their upcoming nuptials, which Patrick is actually complimented by but does not solve the issue.

In fact, Moira double downs on making the issue worse. Considering she doesn’t understand how to use her phone, she thought that she stopped her live stream when she set it down on the counter when actually she live-streamed her and Patrick’s entire conversation about David’s accident and now it’s trending on social media. If David were to discover this he would probably never sleep again. Luckily, as her mother’s PR agent, Alexis is all over it and warns Patrick to keep David away from all phones for 24 hours while this blows over. However, he did still needed to remind Alexis to delete the post so it was really a team effort on this one. Patrick manages to be the knight in shining armor and protect his fiancee from the online dumpster fire that is social media for the day, but then he takes it one step further.

After convincing David to spend the night back at his place he reveals his own embarrassing secret, making David feel more comfortable. Namely that he sleeps with a mouth guard and nose clip. Appeased, David tells him he’s never looked more attractive and the love birds are finally at peace once again.

Meanwhile, Johnny, Stevie, and Roland head to another motel. Much to Stevie’s surprise, they are there to buy it. John and Roland think it’s time to expand the Rosebud empire but Stevie cannot be more caught off guard and can barely stand the thought of buying this new motel. Still, John insists they go through the private showing to see the property. However, it is not until an agent takes them to see the owner Benny that they realize they are not there to meet with the owner, Benny’s actually died and this is his funeral, not a showing. It goes without saying that Roland was the one who made the plans.

They try to play it safe at first and stay quiet during the reception, but when Benny’s wife, Betty, asks how they know here recently deceased husband any facade of decency they had just evaporated before them. Businessmen they may be but quick thinkers, they are not. Betty assumes that they are the federal agents she’s been warned about regarding her late husband’s financial dealings but seems genuinely amused when Johnny confesses that they are there to see and possibly buy the place. So crisis averted through pure luck this time.

Regardless, Stevie is still unsure, not just about the motel but everything. She’s thinking about her future and is realizing she’s not ready to commit to the hotel business once and for all. She kind of fell into the motel business and after doing the Cabaret play she feels like she needs to try new things and push herself. She may stay at the Rosebud Motel, she may not. Only time will tell.

In short, was this episode thrilling? No, the plot lines were pretty flat.

Was it hilarious? No, for the most part, it was just a repetition of the zany situations of the Rose family that we are already familiar with.

What it did do was cement the aim of this last season. Schitt’s Creek is a great comedy but it’s also a great display of appropriate character and relationship growth. It seems like with this final season the Eugene and Daniel Levy are easing us into the last saga of the Rose family, they are testing the bonds between these loved ones and showing us they will endure past the series finales.

In a world where popular television shows offer erode, if not demolish, the long term relationships they spend seasons building for nothing more than shock value, (I’m looking at you, How I Met Your Mother) this second episode of season six confirms that the love that is built in Schitt’s Creek is here to stay. Patrick and David will be a wonderfully loving and supportive couple, Alexis and Moira have learned to and enjoy working together, after losing everything John has new business ideas, and Stevie is on the search for her own life and fulfillment. These episodes don’t have the stress or unexpected shock of the earlier seasons but they are instead a calming installment of our favorite family that has all the trademark humor we fell in love with while easing us into what will undoubtedly be a painful but worthy goodbye.