Our very own resident writer, Tiffany Smith recently joined Erin from It’s A Fandom Thing Podcast. In this episode, they talked about The Game of Nerds and writing for a fandom blog. Tiffany has been with TGON since our beginning days on Tumblr, so she has wonderful insight on how we’ve catered to both writers and fans over the years. She breaks down her writing process and how she watches various series she is covering. She even talks about some of her favorite TGON articles she’s done like Netflix’s Gilmore Girls Revival. Even spending some time to reminisce about the old days and Live Tweeting The Mindy Project. Erin and Tiffany dive deep into her The Americans coverage, especially that heart-wrenching finale. It’s then where they talk about the current state of events and how coverage has changed since release dates are getting delayed or even rushed to market. Check out the entire episode right here:

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