I may not have been a teenager when MTV’s “Daria” originally aired, but that did not stop me from watching it as a kindergartener. It really explains a lot about my adulthood, but I digress.

MTV recently announced that they are bringing “Daria” back. The new series will feature Daria and her friend Jodie Landon, who shared a lot of Daria’s thoughts and feelings but was more social in high school. When describing the show, MTV said that fans will get to see these two young women take on the world together with their “signature satirical voices”. The reboot will be written by the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s Grace Edwards.

Daria and Jodie

Photo Source: CBS News

In 2017, MTV released some details on how Daria and the gang’s life progressed after high school and college for the 20th anniversary. Fans may be wondering how this new reboot will fit into those details. So far, we do not have enough information about the reboot to determine where in life we will catch up with these two characters.

This announcement comes from MTV’s newest production unit called “MTV Studios”, which has announced other classic reboots, such as MTV’s MADE and Real World. As we as some newer shows. Be sure to check back to The Game of Nerds for all the latest updates!