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Legion – Chapter 2

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David’s having a breakdown.

It must be difficult to be told (and believe) you’re schizophrenic when actually you’re probably the world’s most powerful mutant. That’s where “Legion” picked up last week. David is in the capable hands of Melanie Bird and her team of experts in mutant behavior (some of whom are mutants themselves).

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The work that David has to put in is intense. Recall, this is a guy who has been told he’s mentally ill his ENTIRE life. He’s now told that the voices in his head is a form of telekinesis and only he can control them. It’s a lot of power for a fragile dude. Upon having an MRI, David’s telekinesis goes off track and he ends up blasting the MRI tube outside…without himself in it. It’s a stunning display of his power-not to mention scary because he hasn’t harnessed his abilities yet.

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The alternate realities run rampant in “Legion.” Where David, Melanie, Sydney and crew are may not be the same time and space as say, David’s sister. Who’s being gaslit by his former mental hospital. The woman who visited him for years is now told he was never there. The government entity chasing David grabs the next best person to draw him out. Amy, his sister has no idea what’s going on but she’s about to find out.

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Will the shady government group get David to bite? Will Amy find out about his powers? Will anyone fly? Follow TGON for our “Legion” recaps each Tuesday. 

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