Being a DC woman, I hear about the Joker and Bane as well as other popular villains. Everyone loves a good at being an evil villain. I rarely hear about other ones. These villains in the following list are some that are less popular or unknown to most. I even stumped my husband on one. Bet you can’t guess which one!

Bizarro Superman – His “real” name is B-0. He has a lot of the same as Superman but he has fire breath and Arctic vision rather than heat vision and cold breath. He is in the Injustice League and is devoted to Lex Luthor. He is, unfortunately, a bratty child in a superhuman body.

Source Comic Vine

Darkseid – He actually has a real name which is Uxas. He is super intelligent and has god-like strength and endurance. His eyes shoot Omega Beams and have access to Apokoliptian tech. He is linked to Steppenwolf and the Female Furies.

Source Bounding Into Comics

Hector Hammond – Obviously we know his name. He is incredibly super smart and has psionic abilities. So much so that not only can he move things with his mind or telepathy but he can also control minds, create illusions and do mind blast. He is linked to H.I.V.E. And the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Source DC Database

Hugo Strange –  He is well trained in psychology and has a brilliant deductive mind. He hates Batman and had a huge arc in the Fox Gotham series. 

Source Gotham Wiki Fandom

Joker’s Daughter – Her real name is Duela Dent. Insanity and viciousness are her superpowers. She is as crazy or worse than the actual Joker. She was in the Suicide Squad for a time.

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Queen Bee – She can control the mind, create illusions do psionic blasts. She also has psychokinesis and can regenerate. She is the Queen Bee of H.I.V.E.

Source DCAU Wiki Fandom

Sin-Eater – His real name is Onimar Synn. His power comes from the fear and suffering of others. He can also absorb sound and create mindless thralls. He is part of the Seven Devils.

Source DC Database

Trigon –   A demon from Azarath and is Raven’s (of the Teen Titans) father. He possesses the demon power to drain souls, transmuting elements, hurting things and others with energy and he can destroy planets. He HATES the Teen Titans.

Source Looper

Did you guess which one? Did I leave one out that should have been on my list? Let me know in the comments below. If you comment I promise to answer. Til next week…