Worst wedding photo ever. Photo Credit: CW

Cupid is back in Starling City, with all of the issues at Artemis, a large group of criminals were given an unexpected release. She is trying to prove that love is dead by going after and killing the highest profile couples in the city who are about to get married. She kills the couple in a bachelor type show and put the bodies in a shape of a heart, the only one who was able to recognize them was Speedy, who likes to read the smut tabloid magazines it seems.

Laurel is trying to prosecute Damian Darhk in court for numerous crimes, it is not going over well as Darhk’s lawyer is able to pick apart John Diggle’s credibility. Laurel didn’t expect that to turn out that way and was left scrambling to figure out what she could do to hurt Darhk and get him locked up for the real trial. Detective Lance decides that sacrificing his career and integrity, is worth making sure a monster like Darhk is put behind bars. So he opts to testify against himself in court. His passionate testimony which implicates him was enough to have the judge keep Darhk in custody. But that seems to be his motive after all as Darhk is always a step ahead, he was able to smuggle his ring into his jail cell in his mouth.

Everything else is Cupid, Oliver and Felicity centered. Felicity makes clear to Oliver that them as a couple is over, and she is already gone, but she wants to be apart of the team. Oliver loves her and wants her back, but she is not ready, she is tired of being lied to repeatedly by Oliver. As expected the work interactions are chippy and awkward. Felicity was able to get a jump on Cupid via a tracking device to try to pinpoint her hide out. At Cupid’s base they notice that Felicity and Oliver are on the board as a high profile wedding. Oliver proposes to Felicity that they have to get married to lure out Cupid because Cupid has been a step ahead of them every time up to this point.

The wedding is on, in a somewhat secret fashion, it gets to the alter, Felicity breezes through a fake vow, while Oliver lays it on thick as it is obvious he is head over heels for Felicity. She starts to feel and you can see it in her face, just in time for Cupid to come and crash the party. Cupid’s first attack was defused but said she is planning on blowing up the building and wants to know what the plan is to stop that. Which they do not have one, this leads Felicity to go and talk to Cupid heart to heart, laying a long sappy story on her, long enough to distract her so she can be caught.

Diggle tells Oliver he heard what Felicity had to say, she still loves him but just needs time. They go and change to go back to court, which we already covered. After court is completed, Felicity went into the hideout late at night in an attempt to get all her stuff in peace and leave the team. She says she can’t do any of it, she can’t be with Oliver and can’t be with the team. Oliver is devastated.