Ok yall. So, I made a little bit of an error. It seems that I actually reviewed episode 8 instead of episode 7, so we are one episode ahead. I apologize for that, but sometimes I do get mixed up. Instead of going back and reviewing episode 7, I am going to skip it since we already know what happened. A quick recap on episode 7, Judy and Don go to get fuel off the Jupiter that he and Dr. Smith pirated. They crashed in the desert, no eels to eat up the fuel, and he is trying to make some cash in the process. Of course, how Lost in Space normally goes, the trip is not without its hazards and accidents. So a colonist was injured because the ground is unstable due to the planet dying but no one really knows just yet. So they make it to the ship, get the fuel and on the way back, tragedy occurs and one colonist loses their life. In the process, Judy learns the truth about Dr. Smith, because Don has put two and two together. He shares this little tidbit of info with Judy who then shares it with her mom and we know what happened there. She locked up June but she is very manipulative and somehow she will find her way out of even that.

So, thanks to June the robot is destroyed, Will is devastated, and the colonist is trying to find a way to get back to the Resolute before they are well and truly left behind. On top of which, Don and John, took that flight, but because of June, Maureen was not able to navigate them and the ship exploded and they could be dead. But all we know is that the ship blew up. Will turns to morris code to try and communicate with him. But no luck as of yet.

Meanwhile, Maureen has been kidnapped by June because she wants her to help her reactivate the robot. She plans to use the robot as her bodyguard because she knows that she ain’t supposed to be on that ship in the first place. And what happened to her sister? Did she report her? Anyways, June insists that Maureen helps her and forces her back to the alien ship. In her research, she noticed that there was some type between the robot and his ship. Maureen and John have been there so naturally she is supposed to know how to bring him back.

The kids, while dealing with their dad’s death, have noticed there is an issue with Smith and their mom. This time Judy steps up to the plate and goes to look for their mom. Penny is scared because she feels like she is losing too many loved ones and doesn’t really want Judy to go. But she has too because she knows that Dr. Smith is a fraud and capable of anything as we have learned throughout the season. She is crafty and will do anything to ensure her preservation. Judy finally locates the missing vehicle and sets off in the direction of the signal. At first, it looks like June won’t succeed and Maureen even attempts an escape, to no avail. As Judy arrives on the scene, the robot seems to be coming back to life. She takes out June and saves her mom. But before they can escape, it looks like Dr. Smith has gotten what she wanted.

Oh, and by the way, they found a way to get off the planet and that is using biofuel left by predatory flying animal and they have to harvest it out of the cave without waking them up because then they’d be eaten. Yes, it is extreme but so is that planet they are stuck on. Resolute leaves in 4 hours. Will they all make it in time? Are Don and John alive? Will Judy and Maureen make it back safely? One more episode of season 1 to go.