*Spoiler warning for Legends of Tomorrow, season 4, episode 10.

Nate and Hank on Legends of Tomorrow

Nate and Hank chase down the Legends in a commandeered cop car on Legends of Tomorrow. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

After a sizzling hot mid-season premier, the Legends are back at it again with another wacky adventure this episode. After history is changed by President Nixon telling the truth about everything, and ensuing chaos, the Legends go back to 1973 to figure out what magic made Nixon tell the truth.

The Legends kidnap Nixon, and leave Charlie, in the form of Nixon (I guess she’s able to shape-shift again?) in his place, but they have to go on the run when Hank and the Time Bureau show up to capture them, and take control of The Wave Rider. Sara, Constantine, Ray, Mick, Mona, and an unconscious Nixon get away in an RV conveniently named “The Get Away,” while Nate and Zari pretend to be on the side of the Bureau while secretly helping them.

Constantine manages to figure out what’s wrong with Nixon, and does an incantation to make him cough up a magical roach that makes him tell the truth, and traps the bug in a jar. Apparently the roach is an agent of the Egyptian goddess of truth. It was attracted to Nixon because of all his lies. They then sedate Nixon again, and stuff him in the closet. The new plan: drive Nixon to Orlando so that he can give his infamous “I’m not a crook speech,” and set history back on track.

Sara puts Mona in charge of the roach, which proves to be a bad idea when Mona punches a hole through the top of the jar (to give the bug an air hole), and the bug gets out. When they get pulled over for erratic driving, Ray tries to lie to the officer, but the bug, attracted by his lies, goes right down his throat, and Ray tells the officer all about how they kidnapped Nixon. Luckily, the officer just thinks they’re all on drugs. Unluckily, he broadcasts their story on his radio, requesting backup, and the Time Bureau hears it and comes after them.

When Hank and Nate arrive on the scene, they see the Legends’ RV speeding away, and commandeer the officer’s police car. To lose their tail, Constantine makes a double of the RV appear on the road, and leads Hank in the wrong direction while the Legends get off the road. Zari gets on the radio to slip them a hint about how they should lay low for now.

Meanwhile, at the Bureau, Gary searches through Hanks phone, cloned by Nate and Zari, and tries to figure out what Hank is up to. He goes to Nora Darhk when he realizes he’s out of his depth, and lets her out of her cell so she can help him. To get into Hank’s email, they decide to reset it, and answer his security questions. To get the answers, Nate gets his dad talking about his childhood, and passes the answers back to Gary. In Hank’s email, they find evidence that Hank has been using time travel for personal gain.

While they’re snooping, Desmond (Christian Keyes) – Constantine’s ex-boyfriend who now has a demon inside him – walks into the room. To escape his notice, Gary and Nora hid under the desk, but Nora has a strange reaction to Desmond, as she seems to experience mental pain. Perhaps because she used to have demon inside her, she can sense the demon inside him. Desmond sees that Hank’s email has been hacked, and calls Hank to warn him, who instantly realizes that it was Nate who tricked him into giving the answer to his security question.

Back in the RV, Ray gets the team talking, which is a bad idea since the bug gets loose, and keeps infecting everyone as they lie to each other. Finally, Sara lies and tells Mona that everything will be fine, and the bug crawls up her nose, and once compelled to tell the truth, yells at Mona for the mess she’s gotten them in. Mona is so hurt that she takes a bike from the back of the RV and takes off.

Sara and Constantine go after Mona on foot, while the rest of the team are tasked with driving Nixon to Orlando. Zari lets them know over the radio that they should avoid Hank’s blockade, and take a different route to get to Orlando, but Hank turns on the radio just at that moment and hears her and hightails it to the highway the Legends are on so that he can catch them.

Meanwhile, Mona finds refuge at a diner up the road, but so have some of the Time Bureau agents, and when she hears them bad mouthing Konane – the kaupe she was in love – she gets angry and turns into that female version of a kaupe we saw her become in last week’s episode. Mona is tearing the diner apart when Sara and Constantine show up. Constantine confirms that it was the kaupe’s scratch that did this to her. They fight with Mona for a while, but then Sara manages to talk Mona down when she tells her that she’s sorry for not listening to Mona – who’s been trying to tell Sara about her transformation all day, but Sara kept cutting her off – and that everything isn’t all Mona’s fault, and that Sara will be there for her. Mona turns back into her normal self, and she and Sara hug it out.

Over by the RV, the Time Bureau manages to capture it and the Legends, but secrets get let out when Nate swallows the truth bug. Nate tells his dad how he’s been keeping secrets from him, and he how he wants to tell Hank that he loves him, but there’s always been so many walls up between them, and how he’s been enjoying working together at the Bureau, but now he can barely look at Hank after the things that Hank has been doing. Hank says that he can’t tell Nate what he’s been up to, but he’s sorry that it’s hurting Nate, and he wants to make it right. Nate convinces Hank to let the Legends go to do so.

Zari, right on cue, arrives with the ship, and Hank asks Nate if she’s really even his girlfriend – they’ve been pretending their together to fool Hank since the benefit last episode, but it seems like there might be some real feelings there. Still infected by the truth bug, Nate admits that he and Zari aren’t together, but he’s open to the idea. I’m not sure how I feel about this new romantic entanglement, but I guess we’ll see how this develops.

After erasing Nixon’s memory and sending him on his way, the Legends, now officially including Mona, fly away on the Wave Rider, and Zari tells Nate the depth of Gary found out. Hank’s been embezzling funds for a black site where they take monsters and do experiments on them, Zari thinks to turn them into super soldiers. Nate’s disgusted, and says that he wants nothing to do with his father.

To be fair to Hank, as soon as he gets back to the Bureau, he tells Desmond that he doesn’t what to go along with the plan anymore, because he wants to be loyal to his son. Desmond then reveals his demon self, and starts sucking the life force out of Hank, which sort of looks like a dementor sucking out a soul in Harry Potter. Over in her cell, Nora feels what Desmond is doing, and rages against the barriers of her cell to try and stop it. She finally busts out and makes it to Hank, but by the time she does, it’s too late. Right at that moment, Nate walks into the office looking for his dad, and sees Nora kneeling over his body, and assumes she’s the one who killed him (I think he’s dead?). He orders her arrest, but with a little spell casting she gets away.

This episode is jam-packed with story developments, and shows how full steam ahead the show is good for the rest of the season. It had just enough absurdity, sentimental moments, and action to make for a great Legends episode.