If you’re over the age of 25, then the chances are you have a child in your life. This means that you have points in your life when you can’t watch adult movies during movie nights. The good news is you don’t have to be stuck watching boring kids’ movies that get annoying after a while. More good news is that you won’t mind watching these movies more than once – if the kids in your life are any like the ones in mine, then you will most likely have to watch the same film over again. So let’s look at five kids’ movies that adults will enjoy. 

TURNING RED (2022) – PG 

It’s 2002, and 13-year-old Mei lives with her parents in Toronto. She is a devoted daughter and caretaker of a family temple dedicated to her ancestor Sun Yee. She hides any other interests from her parents because they would not agree with her interests. Mei then has to navigate a family ability while trying to be a normal teenager. Her friends Miriam, Priya, and Abby are her biggest supporters as she battles with her parent’s secrets and overbearing nature. 

I really enjoyed this movie. It is relatable, and anyone could find something they can relate to. Everyone has felt left out, especially when you are going through your teenage years, which can be the roughest. The sensitive subjects are presented in a kid-friendly way, but the message is the same for both children and adults. 

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five hundred years ago, Kumandra, a peaceful and prosperous nation, was ravaged by mindless spirits that turned everything into stone. Sisu, the last dragon to survive, was given her siblings’ powers within a gem. Using it, she vanquished the Druun. The struggle for power ended up breaking the gem into five. The Fang. Heart, Talon, and Tail. In the present day, Raya is trained by her father, the Chief of the Heart tribe. Their belief that the gem can be reunited leads to a battle to save Kumandra yet again. 

This movie hit all the sweet spots for me: friendship, Fantasy, Hope, Family, and self-discovery. I liked the dragons and their story and how a group of people, once united, has to find their way together again. There is a sense of empowerment through this epic adventure. 

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LUCA (2021) – PG

Luca (left) and his friend Alberto as he shows Luca the way of the land. Screenshot via Youtube by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com. All Rights Reserved, Disney, 2021

Summer 1959 and sea monster cold Luca is a goatfish herder on the coast of Portorosso. He is forbidden to go to the surface. However, he is encouraged to explore by a boy named Alberto and discovers he can have legs as long as he is dry. His parents learn his actions and send him deeper into the ocean to live with his uncle. As retaliation, he runs away to live with Alberto on land. Then they have to contend with local bullies as they navigate the ups and downs of trying to compete in the town’s triathlon. Will he be able to conquer the fear of townfolk towards sea creatures? 

I love a good story about friendship and growth. The characters in this movie learn from their mistakes and grow to be more accepting and not judgmental of others who are different. It’s a great message within a fun film for kids. 

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TROLLS (2016) – PG

Poppy, Branch, and friends. Screenshot via Youtube by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com. All Rights Reserved, Universal Pictures, 2016

Poppy and her father, the King of the Trolls, live in a colorful world of music and joy twenty years after escaping persecution from the Bergens, who think they can only be happy by consuming trolls. When the Bergens return and kidnap her friends, Poppy, and fellow troll Branch set out on a musical adventure to find friends while discovering the truth along the way. 

Okay, so this is another story that involves the battle for good and evil, which is pretty much most kids’ movies. But this has music-music that adults can enjoy but that is catchy enough for kids to want to dance and sing along to. This movie is just plain fun to watch and will leave you feeling happy at the end. 


Dracula sings to a young Mavis. Screenshot via Youtube by Melissa Rothman for thegameofnerds.com. All Rights Reserved, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Dracula commissions the building of a monsters-only hotel after his wife was killed by an angry human mob in 1895. He raises his daughter, Mavis, in the hotel, not letting her venture into the world of humans. Present day 2012, Mavis is given the go-ahead to explore the human world. Despite her father’s attempts to make her believe that they are evil, she eventually gives them a chance, and after she meets human Johnny when he makes his way to the hotel, she gives humans a chance. 

A story about love with a paranormal twist. As an adult who loves love and enjoys a good spooky adventure now and then, this movie brought to life some of the paranormal creatures we know and love and melds them with the human world. 

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