I will just state this upfront, I’m a DC woman. Don’t get me wrong. Marvel has some cool superheroes and villains but overall I like DC better. I also am a fan of Vertigo which is a part of DC so there you go. We concentrate so much on Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and such that we don’t take time for some of the other heroes. In this article, I am showing you some different ones we don’t see nearly as often.

Adam Strange –  He is connected to the Justice League United. He is an expert pilot and has learned things in his adventures that help him in a fight. He also knows how to use advanced Rannian technology.

Source Wizard World

Beast Boy – His real name is Garfield Logan. He is a part of the Teen Titans. He can transform into any beast real or not. He had an on and off relationship with his teammate Raven. Also with Terra.

Source DC Comics

Black Orchid – Her real name is Alba Garcia. She has been linked with the Justice League Dark. Because she is connected to the Red and the Green, she is a master of disguise due to her incredible ability to shapeshift.

Source DC Universe

Doctor Fate – His real name is Kahlid Nassour. Because of his helmet, the Helmet of Fate, he can control elements, heal and fly and even go through walls. His Staff of Power grants him the ability to shoot magical blasts.

Source Injustice Gods Among Us Wiki Fandom

Hippolyta – She is Wonder Woman’s mother, yes but she is also Queen of the Amazons. She has bestowed this honor because she was the first out of the see when the Olympian Goddesses resurrected women who were slain by men. She has enhanced physical and mental abilities. At one point she was linked to the Justice League and not because of Wonder Woman. More like in her steed.

Source DC Extended Universe Wiki Fandom

Katana – Her real name is Tatsu Toro. She is connected to Green Arrow and the Birds of Prey. She even shows up in the Suicide Squad movie. She is a master at martial arts, the sword, and acrobatics.

Source Whatculture

Krypto – He was Superman’s beloved dog from Krypton who was reunited with Superman years later after Krypton was destroyed. He has raised intelligence, he has flight, super strength, endurance, speed, and all the sensory and yellow sun fueled bonuses of Kryptonians here on Earth.

Source IMDB

Silver Banshee – Her real name is Siobhan Smyth. She is linked to Supergirl. Besides having super strength and endurance, she can manipulate sound and understand all languages.

Source DC Legends Mobile

Swamp Thing – His real name is Alec Holland. He is part of the Green. In fact, he is the Avatar. He can appear wherever there is life. He can change his size and shape. He has super strength and regenerative powers. He can also time travel and use plant matter to his own ends. There is a current DC Universe series streaming on him as well

Source DC Universe

Did I miss some of your lesser know heroes? Let me know in the comments below. If you comment, I promise to answer. Til next week…