Are these the faces of horrible ratings? Photo Credit: Arrow/CW

Arrow had the worst ratings of the series this week, which in a way I can understand as I was struggling to find talking points while watching the episode.

We touch base on what we learned that Justin Clayborne is Promethius. He is still out there, and I still can’t overly seem to care about him. We haven’t heard from Artemis in quite some time which seems a bit odd either. We see China White, Cupid, and former cop Liza Warner being transferred by bus and they are able to break free.

Arrow and his team are quick to learn about the lady escapees. They go to work trying to find out what it is they are after. With some information and hitting the streets Arrow’s team finds out that Tobias Church had a missing $100 million dollars. That is what the lady villains are going after. When Green Arrow is out in the field the cops are converging hard on Green Arrow to try to arrest him for the murder of Billy Malone. The police captain has put the arrest order in for Green Arrow, which causes Oliver Queen to try to talk to the captain to use his Mayoral influence to get them to stop pursuing Green Arrow which initially doesn’t work because Oliver can’t give up any of his inside information.

Reporter Susan Williams has been hot on Oliver’s trail as we learned last episode. She even went as far as to ask Oliver if he was the Green Arrow, and he said yes, but he thought that it was a joke question when he responded. Well after that some things have happened to her and her laptop with all her data got compromised when she was going to break the news that Oliver is really the Green Arrow. With all the other information that was on the computer Susan ended up fired from her job and told Oliver that this only started happening after she asked Oliver about the Green Arrow. It turns out that Thea asked Felicity to hack into her computer and put information on it which led to her being fired. Oliver tries again to talk to the Captain about Green Arrow and tells the Captain that he knows him personally and that he is helping the city and to go easy on him as he has to deal with that murder for the rest of his life.

The 3 lady villains track down the money at the cemetery and are able to find the exact location and steal it quite easily. Which I don’t think would still be there after all this time in my opinion. Green Arrow and his team go to fight them and then the females have hired some goons to come and fight off Arrow and his team. The numbers game is against them until the authorities show up, and Green Arrow isn’t sure which way this will go when the captain and the cops go after the lady thugs and arrest them and have a moment of conversation to get on the same page.

When things start to dial down a bit Oliver and the District Attorney see on the news that a conspiracy murder cover up at the Mayoral office is ongoing as the results of the autopsy report has changed and it is going to potentially lead to the end of Oliver’s reign. I for one hope so as it has been a pretty dull story line.