What is the rescue going to be about this episode? Well, it starts off at a bowling alley so you can imagine what kind of danger lurks there. There is a lane down and one employee is not doing his job and while the owner is trying to fix it, and the inevitable happens? Well, some people decide to use that same lane and she gets trapped in the fixture that sets up the pins. With some ingenious thinking, they come up with the idea of using the machine as a splint for her arm. The 118 saves the day and the 17-year-old gets promoted to manager.

It seems as though everyone is taking turns keeping an eye on Michael who is going through chemotherapy to try and shrink the brain tumor. But he is trying to live a fairly normal life and spend time with his kids. He wants to take Harry on their annual camping trip and he asked Bobby to go along with them to ensure everything goes ok. But May is feeling guilty and scared along with Athena. Bobby just plays peacekeeper instead of husband or stepdad. So, is Bobby going to continue the annual trip in Michael’s stead?  But Michael begins to feel bad after getting on the road and asks Bobby to drive in his place. It’s a tradition that he doesn’t want to break even though he is sick.

Things between Chim and Albert are not going so well. It seems like Albert is just trying to have a good time and encroaching on Chim’s space by bringing women to his couch lol. Then he gives Chim crap about his relationship with Maddie and questions it and how Chim is a homebody. He questions their relationship and sex life, so you know what is coming next. He is going to start analyzing their relationship and it will cause trouble. And Chim ends up trying to convince himself that he is happy in his relationship with Maddie but there is some discord. Especially considering all that she has been through with Doug, whom she killed in self-defense in season 2. Then she went on a semi downward spiral before being caught by her boss and having to go to therapy.

So, Chim talks to his coworkers about his relationship and they wonder if there is love there. But neither one of them has said it and Chim is not sure that Maddie feels the same way about him. But Hen and Eddie try to encourage him to find out. But they tell him that he needs to just say it to her and not take things so slow because tomorrow is not promised. But I think Chim is scared to find out because he thinks that Maddie may not feel the same way because of her past relationship.

May and Athena are having mother-daughter time to celebrate her acceptance letter from USC, but May has qualms. She is worried about her dad and his health. While May is worried about her dad, Harry and Bobby are worried about Michael who seems to tire out very quickly but he is trying his hardest to normalize the situation for Harry and keep the tradition alive. Michael is trying hard to hide how he feels. It seems that that alternative treatment is not working and it has only been a month.

The next disaster involves a father-daughter, DIY project. The dad promotes safety and how to handle tools and then he ends up shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. And the 118 rushes in to help. They patch him up and take him to the hospital to get treatment. The man gets a little panicky and regrets not telling his daughter he loves her right before he code’s and they have to perform CPR and save his life. This prompts Chim to take hold of his life and relationship with Maddie. And vows to tell Maddie how he feels.

We see a little glimpse of the old Michael who is jealous of Bobby once again. He is trying to be gallant but it is not working very well. Everyone is on pins and needles and Michael is isolating himself on his own and not dealing with the reality of his condition. Which in turn is making everyone unhappy because they are not dealing with it properly including Michael. Everyone is worried about Michael and so is Athena who confides in Hen. But Hen gives her some sound advice and that is to just live each day to the fullest and as it comes. And not to worry about the future because it takes away the joy of the time they have together. And Hen tells her that it is ok to be afraid and ok to worry.

Chim finally tells Maddie that he loves her and that he has been taking his time with her. She doesn’t actually respond the way he anticipates but in the end, she says that she feels the same way. And with that their relationship moves a tiny bit forward. But she tells him that she makes her happy and brings her joy. In the midst of their dinner, it looks like that a man is about to propose but instead he is just celebrating her birthday and then disaster strikes as the woman gets trapped behind a table and wall at a revolving restaurant. She comes to terms with her relationship and regrets not ending her relationship with her boyfriend. But it turns out he was scared and they end the date engaged. Chim finally gets out what he wanted to say and he offers Maddie a drawer and their relationship becomes stronger.

But we learn a little bit more about Michael. He begins to come clean about certain aspects of his life. Michael is scared of not being around to raise his son and that his son won’t know him like he knew his father. And he tells Bobby that he wants him to guide his son for him because he doesn’t know if he will live to see him grow. He tells Bobby that he needs him to help keep him and his father alive for Harry. Bobby agrees and it a teary promise.

Then things take a dramatic turn for the worse. The man who assaulted, Josh,  Maddie’s coworker takes 9-1-1 dispatch hostage. However, Maddie was on the phone with Chim, and tells him I love you, Howie, before her phone is snatched away and he is visibly confused…….Until next week.