Photo Source: Preacher on AMC

Photo Source: Preacher on AMC screenshot by Crystal Spears from The Game of Nerds

The summer television desert is well upon us but one show emerges to pull viewers through the sultry season and keep them on the couch in front of the air conditioner – Preacher. Season three returns to bring sexy back to Southern Gothic drama and to keep us all from going outside to enjoy the sunlight.

Though their search for God continued, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy were left at the end of season two with a great deal of trouble and blood on their hands. Season three, episode one opens where the last left off, just as the trio arrives at the one place Jesse hoped to never have to go again – home to his family.  We’re quickly made aware that gran’ma Madame Marie L’Angelle’s old southern home and property are filled with a violent family history of secrets, black magic, and the occasional amateur surgery.

Tulip is a little worse (ok, worst) for wear as Jesse and Cassidy get caught up in fighting over who shagged who and are only broken up by the arrival of Miss Marie. Jesse starts making deals with his own personal devil who admonishes him for leaving home as others members of the family greet him and try to . . . bury the hatchet.

We get a long look at the other side of the veil and Tulip’s personal purgatory (which is done with a really unique, meta method of staging) and Miss Marie shows all of cable fandom that a modern voodoo priestess uses a Magic Bullet blender to concoct magic brews. Jesse starts to get around the old hometown in the family truckster and Cassidy spends too much time taking food from Miss Marie while she speaks of binding spells.


I’m predicting early that everyone is going to have trouble with Gran’ma and that her favors come at a very high price. I feel hooked from the start because I want to learn more about Jesse’s freaky family as well as the God-dog situation, because a man sized dog who is actually God is kind of a thing. The Game of Nerds coverage of season three of Preacher is starting a little late this season so next week I’ll review episodes 2 and 3, and do two at a time until we catch up with the really real world.