When I’m not spewing out facts about farming video games and D&D, I can be found completing coursework to be the next Mamie Phipps Clark, AKA, a psychologist. One thing almost all of us can agree on is this time in our lives is full of uncertainty and copious amounts of stress. Today I want to share with you all some mobile games that can help reduce anxiety and give you a break from this chaos.

The Games

My Oasis

Panda Island

Source: My Oasis

My Oasis is an idle tap island-building game focusing on positivity and relaxation. Players are encouraged to think of their island as a “virtual zen garden,” which expands over time and taps. The island will experience growth via new plants and animals in its own time. The music is soft, and the island’s inhabitants often share sweet sentiments with their players. Overall, I found My Oasis to be relaxing and reminded me that not every game I play requires instant gratification.

Coloring Luna

Coloring Luna

Source: Coloring Luna

Coloring Luna is not the average coloring app. It follows a story mode in which players essentially color by the number after hearing the tale of two lovers, the moon keeper, and the princess. The artwork players create, ends up looking like stained glass, and adds an element of depth to the story line. There is also a free play mode in which players can color the pages they’ve unlocked in any fashion they choose. I liked Coloring Luna because I was able to create something beautiful without creating a mess on my desk.

I Love Hue


Source: I Love Hue

I Love Hue is a color grid puzzle game in which players reorder mosaics of colored tiles into the predetermined pattern. This game focuses on perception, rather than logic, and is the most aesthetically pleasing puzzle game I have ever played. With over 900 levels, it’s easy to get lost in the world of color. The music is so relaxing, I didn’t realize how much time had past as I was testing I Love Hue. In the end, it’s a fabulous way to kill a few hours.

Two Eyes- Nonogram

Baby Wolf

Source: Two Eyes- Nonogram

Two Eyes-Nonogram is a number-based puzzle game. There are literally hundreds of puzzles for players to complete, and each problem creates a portion of the bigger picture. You see, the story goes that a deer and a wolf knew each other in a past life, and it’s up to the players to piece their beautiful journey together. I have actually been playing Two Eyes for a while now, and when you get in the zone, time passes by quicker than one would imagine!

All these games can be found on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store. If you can think of any other games that could be useful in this time of need, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. If you or a loved one are experiencing an abundance of stress and find yourself needing support, you can contact the Gulfport Behavioral Health System’s Stress and Anxiety Hotline at 228-236-2236. They are available 24/7 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember we’re all in this together, and it’s alright not to be alright.