Halloween in November? What kind of nonsense is this? Well, it’s the kind of nonsense that only exists in the world of furry it seems! But enough about misplaced holidays, it’s time to check out this week’s list. There’s some pretty good pics, and yes, even a couple or so creepy and/or weird pieces to look at too. Let’s start it off with:

7. Wish Upon A Dying Star

Starting off this week is one that’s a little bit on the larger side, but looks impressive nonetheless! I love the darker colors on the character, blues, blacks, and purples are always a great combo. I’m also really digging the star-like design that’s throughout their fur – you can kinda see it on the close up, but really go over to the full size and check out its massive wingspan that really gives this piece a cosmic, mystical edge. Seriously, its wings look almost like the night sky! It’s a pretty cool design. Kassillea had this fellow up for auction, and to whoever eventually won this character, you surely didn’t pick wrong!

6. Chill Lo-Fi Beats for Iguanas (Only)

It’s been a while since we’ve had a collab on this series! And what a collab it is – SpikieVsTheWorld gives us some nice solid lines, and then Orca Owl comes in and knocks it out with some really great colors that really capture that lo-fi feeling. Though I wonder if this is another version of the “lo-fi beats” YouTube animation. Spikie’s lines capture a lot of really nice, intricate details from floor cracks to little knick knacks, portraits, and crumpled paper here and there. And Orca Owl’s colors work well with the lines, with a filter that adds a real trippy dimension to things that, again, adds to that lo-fi feeling.

5. Slice the Grass!

A warrior slicing grass? I wonder if they’re looking for rupees? Coming up next we’ve got this pretty awesome looking armored fellow by Plive. What really catches my attention in this one is the costume design. Silver and blue is always a safe combo, and the brown kinda helps balance things out. There’s also some great detail packed into the costume – it feels like no patch of fabric or armor is without something, some kind of line or rivet or design. There’s even a design on the hat, and it’s just as ornate and detailed as the rest of the pic.

4. Wumpa Goodness

Modern-day Crash Bandicoot art? In my top seven list? At the #4 spot? It’s more likely than you think! Newcomer Digger the Fox knocks it out of the park with this bright and colorful piece that captures the cartoony and whacky stlye of the games perfectly. I love the bright colors in this, and Digger’s packed some good detail as well – just check out Crash’s fur. Or even the wompa fruit that’s got some great texturing that makes the fruit look very appetizing.

Some nice pics so far, huh? Don’t rush off to the top three just yet, we’ve got the honorable mentions, and it’s a carousel of fun:

Like I said, a carousel of fun! Now, let’s get to the top three, starting with:

3. Absolute Terror

Sinister is the name of the game with this horrificly beautiful piece by Desu Box which fits well for some late Halloween spooky art. We’ve got some deep, dark colors and some heavy shades, and quite the gruesome subject matter – just read the pic’s proper description. Be warned though – it’s a little graphic! But that’s what you get when you have a scene that looks like something out of a horror movie!

2. Home Sweet Home

Wow! Get a load of this one! I always enjoy seeing Saint Cocoa’s artwork, there’s a lot of great style to it, some awesome detail, and always an amazing use of color. Seriously, this looks like something out of an RPG game – underground crystal caves perhaps? I love the way the house is styled too, has a bit of a magical fantasy-style look to it. Also, it’s always great to see more bat characters, and I find it very interesting that she’s got what looks like hands on the top of her wings. I’ve seen arms-for-wings, or just normal wings with no hands, but never both normal arms and what looks like hands on wings. Interesting! And check out those eyes – a great color choice that really draws your attention to the bat.

1. The Weekend’s Start

Every time I think Kyander can’t outdo themselves with art they come along and outdo themselves in some fashion. Case in point , this scene of a couple of their characters out in a bar somewhere. Just check out this piece – there’s something going on in every corner, all rendered with the style and colors that always makes Kyander’s art great to look at. I think this may be the most that they’ve had in a picture? Which is the main reason I gotta nudge this one more towards the #1 spot – Saint Cocoa’s art is solid and beautiful, but Kyander’s piece has more anthros, and more anthros is always great.

Congratulations and well done Kyander, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings us out of Halloween and right into the winter territory. We saw some great Halloween art , so hopefully we’ll see some good Christmas art too – let’s not forget about Thanksgiving as well.