Welcome back to another week of awesome furry artwork! We’re finally into the month of October which means we’ll be seeing some spooky art! In fact, I think there’s even some spooky, magical art on this week’s list.

Let’s jump right in, starting with the #7 pick:

7. Kras

To start off this week, we’ve got this commission of a lovely vixen done by Marie Merkh. What I think really works with this one are the colors.There’s something about all of them that works very well. Some dark and neutral colors, and then some nice and bright colors such as the orange background, halo, gold eyes, and embers.

6. Corrupted Cassandra

Coming in at the #6 spot is this fiendishly alluring Gardevoir by Koveliana. Well, anthro Gardevoir considering some of the design choices. It oozes femme fatale-like energy, with a somewhat provocative outfit, dark colors, and a cold gaze. Having a black crescent moon in the background also helps sell that energy too.

5. Em Jumi

Looks like we’ve run into our first piece of Megaman Star Force fan art, and as a commission no less. Avali seem to be an anthro-like original species, and here we’ve got one of them getting upgraded into a new form based on MS. The design’s admittedly a little cute, the colors work well together, and it’s got a bit of intensity to it. A very dynamic piece.

4. Affinity

Admiration and identity seem to be the theme of this perspective introspective piece by Yacrical. The artist brings out their usual strong suit of fine details and good colors, but now we’ve got a nice looking-upwards perspective. Also, with this piece, Yacrical shows that they can for certain pull off some wonderful-looking architecture.

Don’t get too crystalized, however, as we’ve got the honorable mentions to check out:

This is simply too adorable. Art by Silverfox
A strange shattering. Art by Carnival
Another piece that’s simply too adorable. Art by LewisSpaceBun

Don’t get too distracted by the awesome possum – we’ve got the top three to check out. Starting with:

3. Nightmare Eyes

Momobeda kicks off the top three with this great piece of Night in the Woods fanart featuring Mae. I’ve never really looked into the game, but wow, does this piece give a strange, supernatural-like quality to Mae. Creepy, even. The stars in the sky, coupled with the eclipsed moon in the background, also add to the preternatural feel of the piece.

2. Crystal Forest Adventure

And now we go from somewhat creepy, to outright frightening – especially if you don’t like spiders! It’s a dark crystal forest adventure, with a terrified fellow running away from a giant spider. Despite its dark nature, it’s a well-done piece, making a nice blend of wonder and danger. The spider is also done scarily well, and in my opinion, contrasts quite a bit with the cuter feral character.

And now, the #1 piece for this week is:

1. Bewitched

Leave it up to Sixthleaf Clover to roll out some great fall-inspired pieces. Also, this lovely, cute witch is a nice contrast to the previous two scary pieces. However, we still get a bit of that spooky Halloween fun, with creepy jack-o-lanterns, twisting branches, and magical potion vapors. Plus, that witch’s outfit is pretty cool…and admittedly really good-looking. This top three is a great way to start the spooky season, and this piece is an awesome spooky-but-cute Halloween work. Congratulations and well-done, Sixthleaf, your piece is the #1 piece for this week!

And that brings this week of furry art to a close. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of cute-spooky, creepy, scary, and in-between art we’ll see this month. Got any artists you want to see spooky art from? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!