YouTube is a social media giant that had humble beginnings but has blown up to be the place for videos. Is it any surprise that our furred fellows have found their way onto the world’s largest video hosting site?
That’s right my friends today we’re going to be taking a look into the wild world of Furry YouTube. There’s lots of fuzzy content to be had so let’s get right into it.

What better way to start off this exposition than with Majira Strawberry? Majira is one of the better-known Furs on YouTube out there.

He’s got striking colors and they say he has a strawberry scent. What a sweet guy am I right?

Majira is what I would term a “Variety Tuber.” He doesn’t really stick to a single format for all his videos.

Some videos are vlogs, others are collaborations with other furries, and others do silly furry adventures. He’s even let other furries roast him on /r/furry.

There are loads of these other “Variety Tubers” too, such as Ace of Hearts Fox.

Ace’s solo adventures are great. That and he debuted a new and even more adorable fursuit of his character.

Prior to doing his own channel Ace was part of Da Bawks, a furry skit channel. The hijinks he and his friends get into on Da Bawks are sure to get a laugh. Like the time Ollie tried to do a cooking show.

I promise not all us rabbits are that terrible at cooking. Honest.

Some of these Variety Tubers will also have their own recurring themes or features.

One name that comes to mind is Pocari Roo, who does different videos, but also has a series called “The Bottle.”

These videos include tips, vlogs, experiences, and so on, making Pocari’s channel an entertaining and informative one. A good example is one video where she goes over what makes the fandom awesome in her eyes.

Speaking of YouTubers you can get info from, there are tons of furs that do that too. Some even out of suit.

Blu the Dragon does videos suitless and has lots of vlog content on his channel such as his comedic “Furries on Social Media” video.

And then there’s serious videos like his take on the question almost every furry asks: How do you come out and tell people you’re a furry?

Lots of furs try to give their own take on the various aspects of the Furry Fandom, as well.

WiLdShOt Snow Wolf has a multi-part explanation on the fandom and what it is and its history.

He’s also one of the few other younger furs that actually know what the term “Funny Animal” is. It’s an older term for “anthropomorphic animal”.

WiLd’s other videos are more vlog style, and he’s even tried dipping into the Let’s Play format.

We’ll get to furry LPs later.

One of the more interesting dips into the informational arena comes in the form of “The Raccoon’s Den”. TRD is a series featuring Bandit and his friends involved in different events in the SoCal area. This also includes conventions too.

The idea is to inform both furs and non-furs alike about fandom activities.

Season Seven was a little different, taking a “backstage” look at the lives and perspectives of Bandit and his friends. While the events filmed are real events there is quite a bit of fiction.

Usually there’s a good moral to these, such as “Furries Vs. The Media.” The group gets hit up for an interview by an aspiring journalist and…well I don’t want to spoil it.

Vlogging, docudramedies, sketches, and roasts aren’t the only video type furries produce. There’s always the ever-popular Let’s Plays as well.

Some furs will do LPs as themselves, but some like Booker Fox take it to a whole new level and actually do it in fursuit. I’ve done LPs as well as my gaming character Razzle Joestar.

Though, my antics as Razzle doesn’t even stack up to Laphin, a hyena that mainly does streams.

He does have older videos done completely in character. He’s even had other guest characters too, such as Bonnie the rabbit during his Five Nights at Freddy’s LP.

Bonnie’s even done his own LPs too. Now that’s some next-level character playing.

Last, but not least, are the furry musicians.

There are tons of these fellows on here, such as Fox Amoore.

Some furries not only do music, but they do it in fursuit too, such as NIIC the Singing Dog.

I’d first heard about NIIC from an interview Bandit did with him once. I checked out more of his channel, and saw that this dog doesn’t just sing, but does it in suit too.

The nice thing about NIIC is his music is upbeat, positive, and groovy. It’s all around something that’s nice to throw on and listen to if you want a bit of a pick-me-up in the day.

Plus, he’s also done a few live performances at cons also – proving that this dog can sing outside of the studio as well. He also does covers of songs from time to time too.

Another fursuit musician found while cruising the furred side of YouTube was Bucktown Tiger. He plays piano in his adorable tiger suit.

They once did an awesome piano rendition of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. Welcome to the new age, indeed!

And that’ll do it!

Much like with my look at furry artists we have not even scratched the surface of the furry content on YouTube.

There are tons more of furry vloggers, musicians, gamers, skit-show directors, and more.

Some furries even surprised me like Nasi, who takes a good look at different animals in his “Diversity of Life” series.

Some even do animated music videos, such as Vivziepop’s video to “Die Young” that made quite a splash in the community when it first came out.

If you like what you see here, definitely go out and see what else is out there. You never know what kind of furry adventures await!

Have you ever had an experience with furry content on YouTube before this? What was it like?

Got any favorites, or did you discover some new favs today? Sound off in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and as always I’ll see you all next time.